No More Gross Posts

So, I have not been at a pity party, although I do enjoy them. I have been pretty busy and most of my thoughts are in my head and hard to express.

We had some weekend guests. Jessica and Jonathan met me and Sparky in Strasbourg Saturday morning. We walked until my dogs wanted to fall off. Granted I was wearing really cute, high heeled shoes that were so not appropriate for lots of walking, but until I started limping, I looked pretty cute. It’s important to look good in when shopping in France.

The weather was blue and gorgeous and the company delightful.

After exploring the La Petite France, we picked up eclairs and quiche for the next day and headed home. I made a really big dinner as I am wont to do when we have company. Jonathan made delish flour-less chocolate cupcakes in like 3 minutes. Its fun watching a pro cook.

Tatiana came over for a little getaway, leaving the kids at home with her husband. She might have used the word guilt, but I think it was only in regard to what she thought she should feel.

And of course, we stayed up until 5 am talking and talking and talking. It was when we noticed the once pitch black sky turn lighter and lighter shades of blue did we decide to call it a night. A scant few minutes later, Tat got to experience my special little hell in Boweltown, the raucous cacophony of bird twitters that are so loud you think the entire bird population has moved into your ear canal like that little boy of the two spiders in the ear fame.

As usual after a good conversation with girlfriends who happen to be writers, I am once again inspired to continue on a couple of projects I have had on the back burner waiting for the right mood, decent writing weather or perfect cup of coffee to move me into action.

After passing out falling asleep very early last night, I woke up this morning more motivated than I have been in months, just chomping at the bit to get organized and put together my outlines and do some much needed research. But in order to work efficiently and without distraction, I need to make sure the rest of my house is in order. I finally moved my email to one machine rather than having some mail on one and nothing on my laptop. Then I re-arranged the furniture in the red room because the glare of sunlight on my screen hurt my eyes. Then I did some laundry and played with my hair and made lists and dusted because a dusty desk is no fun to type on, right? I even made a PowerPoint chart of my new summer schedule. Dude, today I was a pro pro. A professional procrastinator. I procrastinated better than Sparky and he is the Yoda of the Procrastination Arts.

I pretty much procrastinated until I was too “tired” to do more than procrastinate.

But I’m going to push through it. So after this post, I’m turning off my Internet thus cutting off my access to celebrity gossip sites and all sorts of distractions. Then I’m going to make a cup of coffee, put on my headphones and play Free Cell until my eyes bleed because I will not be able to do more than write “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

If you don’t hear from Sparky within a few days, you should probably be worried.


3 thoughts on “No More Gross Posts

  1. Ach! Scheisse passiert! We will be around until Sunday if you wanted to meet up for coffee, dinner, a drink… whatever… and procrastinate some more! 🙂

  2. Oh do tell! What is this wonderful new project? I have one too — a novel of sorts — and I just an NOT get started on it… even though it’s completely written in my head!


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