Never Been Sexier

A weird side effect of migraines for me is an energy surge once it has subsided. I don’t know if this is because the adreniline in my system is no longer needed to stave off the searing pain in my head or some odd sense for making up for the lost time I spent holding my head and praying for a quicker death.

After my all day migraine on Sunday, I pulsated with energy at 10:30 pm Sunday night.

Having discovered water marks on the marble floor, I grabbed some steel wool and attacked it with the vigor of a hundred thousand Polish cleaning women.

My hair was in a very loose end-of-the-day ponytail and my eye makeup something out of the Marliyn Manson collection. On my hands and knees in my rather short cotton nightie, scrubbing away with the scent of polishing spray in the air, Sparky walks in and says, “Wow. You have never been sexier.” And he meant it.

I’m going to have to start walking around with steel wool more often.


13 thoughts on “Never Been Sexier

  1. i’m glad you’re feeling better.

    do you know where the migraines come from? i had them for years until it turned out that it was because of my birth-control-pill (valette) and ever since i stopped taking it life has been SO MUCH BETTER!

  2. You HAVE never been sexier. It’s not the stellwool, though – it’s the submissive position on all fours with your ass up in the air, doing what women should be doing… cleaning!


    Kim: it is somewhat hormonal and that is being addressed, btu i’ve had them since I was 21 and my birth control needs are vastly different than that age. my mom had them too so there is some sort of genetic

  4. my mom had them, too. ever since i can remember. which is why i didn’t really look into it too much when they started at around 27. i just thought “oh well, you’ve been lucky for 27 years…” and lived with it. until a friend (who had the same problems with her pill after years without any problems) pointed it out to me. so i watched it for a couple of months and sure enough, i’d always get them on the pill-break. so i stopped and i swear life has a new quality to it. best thing: i can drink red wine again and not fear the migraine for the next couple of days… i hope you will find help some time, too. migraines seriously SUCK!

  5. No one has ever been able to figure out the source of my migraines, but I do think the energy surge comed from being just so damn happy that it’s over.

    And the scrubbin’ the floor thing? Been there. 🙂

  6. I think if Jim ever discovered me bent over steel wooling the floor the first thing he would do is scream “Who are you and what have you done with my wife!!”

  7. Could you imagine what would have happened it you had had a sponge in your hand? Or better yet, silver polish? It boggles the mind.

  8. Hee. Gotta love love.

    And, you’ve been tagged!

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