I’ve been Memed

So, since I’ve gotten memed twice, once from Jess, whom I had actually not read before, but will be, and the other from Maria whose dog I want to steal. No really, I want her dog.

I’ll just double it and call it a day.

Here I go.
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. I don’t tag people, but if you are so inclined, take it. We all like knowing more about people we read.

  • My eyes are green, but most people tell me they’re blue. Look closer, dude.
  • I like looking at nature, but I hate being IN nature.
  • My brother broke my front tooth by sitting on my head when my head was on the side of the pool. He claims it was some jump-into-the-pool trick gone bad, but I don’t buy it.
  • I am terrified of raccoons. They’re big and mean and have really sharp claws. There is a story behind this one, but I’ll save that for later.
  • I anthropomorphize everything. It makes getting rid of stuff really hard because I tend to make everything my friend.
  • I read too much celebrity gossip.
  • I once had a cat named Serendipity. She was blind and deaf and oh so sweet. My family called her Dippy. She eventually got out of the house and as the story goes, found a nice family on a farm.
  • I did not kill my brother’s dog, Bonkers.
  • I get up really early in the morning, like 6 am early. I really like getting up at 4:30 or 5, but I have to go to sleep earlier and its hard when you’re married.
  • The magical side effect of getting up so early, is that by 1 pm, I’m ready for a nap. My energy is pretty much shot by then. However I can do more in that period of time than anyone I know all day. I’m a fast machine.
  • I love schedules. I live by them and try to make those around me live by schedules. This rarely works.
  • I like to bite, especially Sparky’s shoulder because when I hug him that’s where my mouth rests.
  • Sparky is not allowed to buy a Lotus Elise until I’m ready to be rid of him and make loads in insurance pay offs. It’s the official “I should divorce my wife” signal.
  • I hate that there is usually a logical explanation for things.
  • I wake up every morning thinking about coffee. Every. Morning.  Might have something to do with getting up kinda early.
  • If a think about where “meat” comes from, I can’t eat it. I would be a vegetarian if i had to… uhh, gather said food myself.

Alright. My sister has loudly complained that I haven’t blogged in a while. I hereby promise to blog for the next five days in a row. Then I’m gone for the weekend and can’t promise.

It’s also death march time in our household in regards to birthdays and father’s day. My sister, my step-mom and my dad have b-days and then there is the duplicate fathers days for both my dad and my step dad. Its worse than Christmas as far as tossing money around. Lots to do.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been Memed

  1. To set things straight:

    – Your eyes ARE green… green-blue.
    – You only hate nature because you can’t stand insects. It’s all about avoiding the soft touches from their litte legs. What do you have against soft touches, really?
    – You brother loves you, Jen. (Almost) more than I do ;).
    – You only hate the raccoons because you wanted to eat the cat food yourself. You might as well be honest about your guilty pleasures.
    – Yeah, you do athropomorphize. But your computer is NOT your friend. In fact, it hates you.
    – You don’t read too much celeb gossip. I bet I know more about K-Fed than you do.
    – In her new place, Dippy even managed to slim down!
    – Bonkers hates you even more than your computer does. WHY did you kill him…? He was a GOOD dog.
    – The devil wakes you up to make my life harder…
    – ..and you DO keep your motor clean!
    – The devil also makes you do your schedule to make my life EVEN harder
    – OUCH! Your bites really hurt. Also, my business partner recently asked me why I look like a gang of hobos beat me up.
    – That’s ok. I’ll just buy a Tesla Roadster: http://www.teslamotors.com
    – Thank god you have me to remind you about those logical explanations. Isn’t life fun when you don’t have to deal with magic?
    – …and then you tempt me with your coffee to make me clean the windows! (https://heissescheisse.wordpress.com/2006/09/23/sparkys-high/)
    – Nature scares you on so many levels, eh? Maybe I was wrong with my single-focus correction to Item 1…

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