Bunny Ranch

I found out over the weekend, via a drunken cell phone call from a strip joint, that my brother, OUR friend Steve and Steve’s friend Tom are all moving in together and looking for a place in Oakland, Montclair to be more specific. Close to GBF, I hope! Steve got a fantastic new job and he is the glue in this up and coming boy band.

This is good news and bad news. As this year I’m leaving for my yearly trip back home mid-November( a Thanksgiving dinner I don’t have to cook. Yeah!), I will be bunking down with the boys for oh about six weeks.
Jeff currently lives with Monika. Can you see where this is going? Living with a girl, a cool girl at that, affords Jeff’s sister, me, a little bit more comfort and a much cleaner environment. She also has the cutest cat in California. Steve is allergic to cats and I find this to be an obstacle to getting my brother a cat for christmas. Jeff is secretly a cat person and NEEDS a cat and I need fluffy love while in the Bay Area.

However, Oakland is a good location for me to be based as I am in and out of the city like fog.

So I’m wondering how this will work out. It’ll be three eligible bachelors living together ala Three Men and a Baby minus the Baby plus a married sister. I was told that I’m to help lure women to the pad, but really boys, I’ve been married for a while and my female luring skills aren’t what they used to be. And actually, my female luring skills weren’t exactly boy based so I’m not sure how that is going to work out. I’ll probably be more successful at finding you a decent housekeeper and making you dental appointments.

It will probably be like Wendy and The Lost Boys. Twill be interesting.

And on a completely different note, Tat did the meme thing. Go find out more about her.


4 thoughts on “Bunny Ranch

  1. HEY, we’re thinking about flying out to the are (well, kinda, more like long beach but you know…) for thanksgiving as well. where do YOU find cheap airfare?

  2. Jen!

    Elisabeth and I will be in Frankfurt on the evening of Sept 29th, staying at the Holiday Inn Airport-North (our flight back to Seattle leaves the next morning). Can we meet you for coffee or an after-dinner drink that evening (preferably at or near the hotel; we’ll have no car) and chat it up about Cal, Berkeley Hills, Bay-to-Breakers, growing up in the Bay Area, etc?

    Would love to meet you — and Sparky too, if he has any interest in a strange West Coast Mom/Daughter duo!

    Reply to carolhsnider(at)gmail(dot)com, and if you’re willing, send me your contact info?!

    Looking forward!


  3. of course, you’re always welcome to stay @ Whitt’s End (although w/ 3 guys, albeit at least two of them gay, it can still be a bit messy — let’s be honest, FILTHY @ times).

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