This and That

Phew, a busy weekend and funnily enough a nice quiet Monday. Never thought I’d look forward to a Monday. Today is rainy and a perfect day to finish up writing projects. A bullet list to get my mind focused.

  • I did the rating thing from Tink. I got an NC-17 rating for:

fucking (5x) pain (4x) asshole (3x) death (2x) poop (1x)

Obviously, they missed a lot. I know there are at least three pussy references and perhaps a horse cock somewhere. At least horse cock comes up in conversation frequently, but we live next to a stable so we actually see a lot of that. (working in that x-rating!)

  • During the interview, Sparky was forbidden from mentioning the following four subjects, subjects that invariably come up in every social event/visit we make: 1. We are not swingers. 2. Jews are the Master Race. 3. Jewish women are hella hot, esp with a noble British accent 4. TCLTC (Tom Cruise Loves the Cock) because we don’t know if that’s true and do not want to be sued by thetans or Xenu or locked in a volcano and 5. horse cock.
  • Wednesday is not only the Fourth of July, but my four year anniversary for living in Krautland. Time flies when you’re having fun and all.
  • We have a photo shoot Wednesday here in our loft. Good thing Sparky cleaned the windows for Danny and Ina. There might be a naked lady photo on my blog come Thursday if I can convince the photographers to give me one. Oh, and I’m not the naked lady. I might be a overt exhibitionist in thought, but only accidental exhibitionist in body.

I’m kinda shot for anything really creative today for some reason. I just can’t find the muse. She must be working overtime elsewhere. perhaps she’s in the translation work I need to finish.


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