No Wonder He Likes Big Butts

I think I have figured out my problem.

Let me just say, thank god this is not true. If it were, I’d be horrified. I would hate to be known as the up-the-butt girl. Its like being pregnant. When you’re pregnant, everyone knows you’ve done it. Even your dad. Gross. Sorry Claire, but I know you did it.

In other less body changing news, Carol is coming out in September. She has September 29th free and I’m trying to organize a mini meet up. most of you expats know, love and adore Carol. So, the options are dependant on the number of people wanting to meet and greet carol and the lovely Elizabeth.

We can meet in Frankfurt and spend the day and night eating and drinking and gabbing or again, depending on the number of people, I can host a little gathering at HS HQs. Who’s interested?

And we have a new expat among us. Audrey, a girl from my heimat of San Francisco, has officially made the leap across the pond and currently resides in Munich. I hear she’s been lurking around for a while so go over and say hello.


11 thoughts on “No Wonder He Likes Big Butts

  1. Thanks for the marketing, Jen!! (Do you by any chance work at an ad agency or know anyone who does?!)

    Actually, I AM attempting a slight body change by September… How DID you lose weight? You made it sound so easy! Coincidentally, today’s post over on my blog is about the very opposite of weight loss…

    Hope to see everyone (anyone!) in September! Thanks for organizing a get-together! Nuttin’ fancy, OK? I beer and some pretzels withcha all and I’d be THRILLED!


  2. Cocaine. Cocaine is a great weight loss tool. At least that’s what I tell my neighbors and people i don’t like who get all interested now that i look different.

    However,the reality was/has been/is far from easy. I just don’t talk about it much here. For over a year I worked my ass off, quite literally, 3 hours a day/five days a week, I cut my first love (carbs) out of my life and I denied myself many, many things. My whole world revolved around food and weight and health.It was boring and tedious and hard fucking work.

    And I had a little help, not nearly as much as some people think and it was never, ever, ever easy. The help had an expiration date, a time limit, but it was enough.

    The thing is, as open as I am about some things, my weight has always been a sensitive subject and not one I could share except with humor and self-depreication. The realities of the issue are far from funny. In fact, it can be hard to tell people people how much I’ve lost even though i count it in my top two life accomplishments because the number is so high that the intial number must have been incredibly high and I just can’t write it out in real numerals. I can say it, face to face, if i feel comfortable with the person I’m talking to, if I feel I won’t be judged. There are a lot of mean people out there and i can take them on in any other area, but my weigh has always been the chink in my armor.

    So that being said, perhaps if I ever make it to a size twelve, i’ll feel confident enough, secure enough to go into more detail. However, in person, I have no problem talking about it.

    as far as our mini meetup, I never go fancy unless the firm is paying for it. I always go fun and easy. I love entertaining, but I hate spending time in the kitchen. I just want to talk. So anywhere we go, here or in frankfurt will be fun AND easy.

  3. That big butt thread was very funny indeed – if that girl was serious then she is the most gullible person in the world! 🙂

  4. I’m in for the Carol thing. However, there’s a good chance I won’t be able to make it til the evening.

  5. LOL! That’s exactly what I thought when I was pregnant – “Now people are going to know I did it. How embarassing”.

    And I hold you responsible for the loss of my brains cells for reading a bunch of OTHER threads at that forum. Holey moley!

  6. Jen, I´m happy that you`re happy. Cocaine? I thought amphetamine was the fastest weight(and brain cell)-loss drug? I think the butt-worrying girl has had some, too.

  7. There’s such a sense of accomplishment when losing weight, and the initial rush can lead to more weight loss…cyclically speaking. I had that, and it was great. Interestingly, once you are down to what is near ideal weight for your body, those last pounds just sit there. and nobody really notices. and nobody really says anything anymore, and then it’s not quite as easy. in an utterly selfish way, I really liked “coming down” sixty pounds, and all the attention I got for it, more than the acceptance i now receive, without thought, from others since I fit into “normal” now(something I didn’t get before)
    don’t knowwhere that came from,just rambling today

  8. thanks for the shoutout, Jen! and as i’m currently job-seeking (read: unemployed), if any of you in the munchen area would like to meet up some time, let me know!

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