Somewhere to Sink a Stone

I’m looking for an island.  This is what I want.

  • on the beach
  • air conditioned
  • snorkling nearby
  • warm water
  • outdoor pools
  • no sharks (land or otherwise)
  • relativley close to europe

I’m a luxury bitch and don’t want to rough it.  I hate people and really want to chill out.  This means I am not looking for a party place.

Any ideas?


13 thoughts on “Somewhere to Sink a Stone

  1. no chance, the sharks are everywhere….lol

    There are two small islands, one off the cost of France where Tats teacher lives (water a bit cool) and another island off the cost of Greece which is restricted due to lord Bush (being you fly blue cover).


    6 hours north, there is a land locked Tropical Island. Ask Milla for the info or google Tropical Island. Problem, the damn sharks.

  2. Laura and her family regularly go to Fuerteventura. I think it’s in the Canary Islands. They LOVE it, and from the various postcards I have here, I’m positive I would (and maybe you would) too!


  3. You might want to check out Croatia. Lots of very nice hotels, not expensive, great food, warm water, no sharks. Fantastic snorkeling.

  4. well, except for the part about being close to Europe, we can definitely recommend the Four Seasons on Maui. The sharks are not bite-y (at least not people-y bite-y).

  5. [Trying to picture you snorkeling]

    Well, places like Mallorca, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura etc are just teaming with Krauts all year long so you want to leave those alone. Otherwise I have no idea. Malta? Cyprus?

  6. I have never been. . .yet. But the locals here in South France rave about Corsica.

    Not sure about the water sharks (I googled ‘sharks Corsica’ and saw no pictures of carnage.

    Land sharks. . .well, us men are all ruled by the little dick-tator living in our pants. Sorry.

  7. You might want to try Minorca, one of the Balearic islands. I would get away of the cities (Maó or Ciutadella), and snorkeling is probably better on the southern side.

  8. Perhaps one of the smaller Canary Islands would be good. I’ve been to Tenerife and definitely don’t recommend it. I’ve heard good things about Grand Canary, but also that it’s full of German and British holidaymakers. Check out one of the others. Plus, you can usually get good deals there from German travel agents.

  9. It’s not an island, but I suggest the Costa Brava, Spain…or maybe just for a future trip. :o) Last year on my honeymoon my husband and I went through this company to go kayaking. The day was hot, the water was cool (not cold), the lunch was great, the snorkling was fun and the guide was hot (don’t tell). One of the nice things about this company is that they speak english, being from the US. Cheers!

  10. Caneel bay on St.John U.S. Virgin Island
    So it’s not near Europe but I guarantee that you will love it.

  11. I need an island, somewhere to sink a stone
    I need an island, somewhere to bury you,
    Somewhere to go

    I take it Sparky knows the full lyrics…..

    Sardinia’s good – well, the hotel I once went to for a conference at the southern tip of the island is. I think it’s called Chia Laguna (fading memory). You just have to ignore what Cagliara looks like when you’re coming in to land.

  12. thank you all.. I am currently researching all of the places. In the last week i’ve been visiting bronchitis island due to copious amounts of cigarette smoking in the rain. This week I’m in hamburg and hopefully next week i will be swimming in warm water.

    And Neil, you are the only one who caught that. He knows. I use lyrics as titles occassionally. Mostly no one gets it. Its as close as I’ll get to relationship shit on the blog.

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