Naked Chick

Our Fourth of July included a naked chick running around our loft and posing. I was NOT the naked chick. I had promised these pictures weeks ago, but was just not interested in touching my comp so here you go. I have no idea what is work safe these days, so I’ll let you click to see boobies, small, but boobs nonetheless.

Her name is Oxsana and she was nice. It must be hard to have people running all over the place while you pose nude. It was odd.

The photographers were both Tatiana and her hubby Michael. Go see their sites for more naked chicks.

By the way, she is sitting on my hobbit wood table Actually, its an acacia root made into a table. I call it a hobbit wood table for household marketing purposes. It took months of pressuring Sparky to purchase it and I am so glad it was used for such a good cause. Its a lovely table.

Boobies! Not safe for work

Boobies! Not safe for work


3 thoughts on “Naked Chick

  1. All I can see is your gorgeous apartment and furniture. This means a) I don`t like girls that much b) this particular girl doesn`t do it for me. I did like the pressed-against-the-wall-with boobs photo.

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