Office Politics

pw.jpgDude, something happend here in the land of the Burger. Sparky’s office has lost most of its Models Inc. female population and the boys are well, lest they are reading, looking very nice these days. How do you spell hot in german? Oh yeah, I remember.

Working for a few days and hitting that day spa on Friday. I cannot wait. I am doing it all this time. I am spending the day naked, in a robe having people do things to me that should make me blush, but I’m not one to blush. I booked a room at the Hyatt this time so I don’t have to feel like a call girl when I have lunch in the restaurant. I can tell him to bill it to the room and my uncle will be joining me shortly. By the way, I don’t have any uncles. Well, not that are still married to my aunts and Uncle Vito isn’t related by O+, so to speak.

Until then it’s doing more translations and stuff too boring to write about.


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