Running Up That Hill

When did the 80’s fashion come back. I’ve been there. It wasn’t good. Now since I’ve been cloistered in Krautland for so long I’m not sure if its just them (Germans are known for their fondness of 80’s fashion, never really having left) or a world wide pheonom. I have seen more leggings in the last week than I have since my sophmore year of high school and really, the overalls type of minidress is not all that great.  If Guess? comes back with the pegged ankle zipped jeans, I’m going to be so pissed.

Please tell me Spanx is not responsible for this because I love Spanx and they love me, but if they have anything to do with this legging craze, I’m going to have to drop them like the Abydonians dropped Apophis. I cannot support this insanity. Not even if my legs look fantatic in a short skirt and tights. Not even. I will not worship false gods.

The spa was fan-fucking-tastic. I highly recommend it. We stayed only one night, but it felt like five. I think it was when I called room service looking for a protein shake for a drowsy Sparky that fell in love with the Hyatt. They said that they didn’t have anything like that on the menu, but if I explained how to make it they could do it. When I told them they needed some sort of powder, the lady on the other end of the phone said if I could tell her where to buy it, they would have it by morning and they would have for the rest of our stay.

Or it could have been the killer club sandwich or the creme brulee with the delish fruit compote or the way the room service delivery guy protected me from the view of other guests in the hall when I was signing the slip. Or the way I was pampered and told “Yes. Of course. My pleasure.” when I’ve heard nothing but false apologies, no and it can’t be done for eternity. Perhaps it was because when I was told to have a nice day, I believe they meant it. Perhaps I just needed kindness and lapped it up like a hungry kitten.

The hotel we stayed at earlier in the week suggested we take a coffee thermos from another table if we wanted coffee in the morning and it was said with such scorn that I even felt bad for asking. Man, talk about behavior modification on a cultural level.

However, after such a nice weekend I really don’t care all that much. I didn’t get an actual island, but I did swim in warm water. There might have been some diving. There was A/C in the room with the controls on my side of the bed. Al Gore would have been so disappointed in me this weekend. Not only did I crank that puppy up, we flew from Frankfurt to Hamburg and back. I also used about 20 towels and showered at least eight times over a two day period using only L’Occitane products. Friday night started off with a blood diamond, a petite flower of feminitity set in white gold now graces my ring finger. For the record, the only blood shed for that diamond was mine and then only emotionally.

So, we’re back and I have more work and a long ass e-mail promised to my friend Jono who sent me a long ass e-mail which I gulped down and then neglected to respond. Because I am a horrible, horrible e-mailer.


2 thoughts on “Running Up That Hill

  1. YUMMY! My backache went away just reading your post!! (Unfortunately, it’s already back…) A diamond?? Do tell! (Glad it wasn’t a Blood Diamond… just saw that movie, and OMG.)


  2. I need something like that – time away to pamper myself, let people serve me, politeness, etc. Germans are really getting to me.

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