Will I be called a Hamburgerin?

I liked the Park Hyatt in Hamburg so much I’ve decided to move there.  No, really.

Moving to Hamburg for a couple of months within the next couple of weeks.  A work project -mine actually- requires on-site attendance.  So I’m packing a suitcase, herding the cats into their travel bags and heading on out.

They have fish in Hamburg.  I love fish.  To eat, not to cuddle.  I’m sure they have fish you could cuddle if you were so inclined, but that is totally not my point. My point is…  I’m getting the hell out of nature, heading for a big city near the water that has an abundant supply of fresh fish to eat (not cuddle).

I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but I can say I’m really looking forward to it.


14 thoughts on “Will I be called a Hamburgerin?

  1. Being a city girl that’s been in the countryside for so long, I’m sure you’ll love the change.

  2. see, i like that. it’s so much closer to me. we’ll be in hamburg next weekend. for a wedding though so pretty busy but we’ll manage a coffee some other time for sure! 🙂

  3. Maria: I hope i will. Hamburg is waaaay prettier than frankfurt and i really can’t wait to live amongst people again. birds, deer and boar are nice in theory.

    GBF: happy birthday, btw. i’ll send you an e-mail

    J: You said it. give me some asphalt.

    carol: Absolutly. not a problem. I have all my other dates planned into the schedule so its still a go, lady. i can’t wait to see you.

    Kim: I like that too! The company is looking for an apt by the alster so you’ll have to come over and we can bbq at the lake or whatever they do in hamburg. And I’ve yet to see bremen although my artwork has. Shipped via bremen.

  4. Life’s only as much of an adventure as you make it… good for you! And there’s nothing better than fresh fish.

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