Whiney Expat Blogger Annual Meet-UP

Yo dude. Like we’re getting ready for our Annual Meet-up again. Go vote at J’s.

It’s awesome. Always too much to talk about, new friends and conspirators to conspire with. Last year Hamish and I tried to get Belinda to do very bad things. Fun, fun, fun.

Now, one of the worries people sometimes have is that they are shy and nervous.  All of us are, but if you are somewhat afraid of talking, just sit with me.  I talk so much you won’t have too.  I usually end up sticking my foot in my mouth at some point and as an observer it can be entertaining.   I swear that’s why Hamish hung out with me,  just to watch me embarrass myself.  And really, it is such a nice group of people there is nothing to worry about.  Totally accepting.

Sparky and I are voting for Dresden as we have never been there, but really, its not visiting the city that’s all that fun for me. Its the talking. I LOVE chatting all day with new people and old friends.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to e-mail me.


5 thoughts on “Whiney Expat Blogger Annual Meet-UP

  1. when will the meetup be happening? we’ll be in nürnberg in early october (as it looks like it’ll take place there) for a wedding…

  2. Is the event baby friendly? Assuming Kevin has a job somewhere within traveling distance (less than 8 hours one way or another), I’d like to join you all, but it will probably be me and baby ohne Kevin.

  3. Come on, I didn’t just hang out with you to watch you embarrass yourself. There was all the free food too.

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