A New World Order

I woke up at 2 am last night with start. Something had whisper touched my butt. At first I thought it was the blanket. No, not the blanket. Then I really started to wake up because if it wasn’t the blanket, it had to be a bug, right? that’s when he hit me again and I realized it was a whisper touch because it was a kitten paw (claws retracted, thank god) and he’s so little that he might be the George Forman of the kitten set, but it was still going to be light as a feather.

This attention was disconcerting on many levels. One, why my butt? Why not my face or my arm? And two, contrary to popular belief, my butt is usually left alone in the night. Bugs don’t usually crawl up and die in the night, i’m naturally cranky. However if there was a bug and Olli saw it and wanted to play and he jumped up to play with the bug on my butt and the bug went away, then I’m really grateful, but I don’t want to think about it too much.

dsc05229.jpgRather than staying up all night trying to figure out the attraction, I pulled him up and over and tried to cuddle him asleep. However, it was nighttime and he is a kitten and for all of you with kitten experience, you know “Nighttime is Prime Time.”

Some of you might recognize our latest addition. We’re looking for names right now.

We’ve short listed some:

Ollli – He seems to respond to this, but it might have to do with his foster parents.
Fritz – Our first German cat and Dieter is out – he’s not a Dieter and because in English Dieter is Diet -er. Not happening.
Rocco – Sparky would go with this because once you name a pet one name, you can’t name a kid that name and I like Rocco, but he HATES it. Olli is not a Rocco though.
Francis – as in Drake and we would call him Frankie

However, he has a cute little monkey face that also seems to say Olli.He’s very playful, but not real cuddly yet. Its a big house, two big people and two big cats. He’s found a ton of hiding places, his favorite being under the kitchen counter. I come around the corner just in time to see the tail pop back underneath.

Scrunchy is pissed off. Sorry, I mean PISSED OFF. Kiska doesn’t really care and she’s been munching on kitten food, so she’s fine. Kitten is the fourth cat she’s had to get to know (excluding those I’ve cat sat) so she’s kind of an old hand at it.

We’ll see how this goes.


7 thoughts on “A New World Order

  1. “once you name a pet one name, you can’t name a kid that name,” really? I seem to remember a certain cat of yours named —-, and you wanting to use that name on a son, I must be remebering wrong.

  2. that is a cute cat, you had no chance of not taking hime when you saw him. Scrunchy got more than big, that cat is huge.

  3. (laughing) I actually had thought of Olli/Oliver too. Somehow it just fits an orange cat. It wouldn’t have been possible in our household, but now….? It’s cute, just like him. I sure miss that little fellow. Give him a big kiss on the head for me please?

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