Purple Hair. Why?

eggplant.jpgWhat is with the purple hair in Krautland these days. Its an epidemic and holds to no one demographic. I can almost understand the widespread abuse of the fauxhawk, but the purple hair takes things too far.

Old ladies with eggplant hair, young women and older mothers with the similar color – its not the same since the original color tends to be lighter in the older women. The only difference seems to be the original color and how long its been since a touch up. A primer: If you have very dark brown or black hair and you want to add a hint of purple, well, fine, whatever. I think it looks horrible, but its acceptable. I’m not even going to touch the match your hair to your complexion topic. Its a lost cause in these parts. The younger teens seem obsessed with the pitch black, but really, they are the ones that can get away with it. Blame it on youthful ignorance.

People. Its not okay. Find your bliss and all that. Blah, blah, blah, but at least do it completely. I know all about roots. I know that it can be a while before your colorist can fit you in, but really, 2 inches of gray and 7 inches of variegated purple? Is this the look you’re going for? Really? You already have to deal with ugly shoes, are you sure you want to add to those fashion crimes?

I don’t care if you call it aubergine, eggplant or melongene; it’s purple, a dark purple that makes me think of salting and draining for an hour to reduce inherent bitterness. I’m tempted to stick a green cap on your head and complete the look. At least it would cover the roots.

And perhaps, you might want to read about eggplant before you decide to use it as a personal color choice. Hmm. Maybe I should start using it as my personal color choice. Mad, bitter and high maintenance. Huh. Well, never-mind. Just stop using it for your hair.

Jesus, I’m getting old and cranky. I’m going to go play with my kitten who is, by the way, over his moving issues and in full play-until-he-passes-out-on-my-lap phase.
I love kittens.


11 thoughts on “Purple Hair. Why?

  1. Its obviously taking over from the virulent fake red that is normally favoured here…..yukkty yukk.

  2. I swore I was following Ronald McDonald the other day. Then ‘she’ turned around and I thought, my god, you did that on purpose? And you are not a clown? This is pertaining to the close cousin of eggplant, the fire engine red. Preferred by the +55 crowd.

  3. I don’t think the worst offenders are those getting their hair professionally colored. The worst offenders are those trusting their hair to the boxes of crap they pick up at the drug store and they have no earthly idea how hair coloring works.

    I’d strangle my hairdresser if she ever gave me that aubergine purple hair.

  4. It’s everywhere! Why do “stylists” do this to people? Be honest and tell them it isn’t going to work before they pay the loot. And for crying out loud, stop selling it as a “do-it-yourself” kit!!!

  5. Well, I can’t get why people want to do things to their natural colors in the first place. Aside from covering the grays that is–I am beginning to have a lot of those showing up and I am going to get rid of them as soon as my bossy hairdresser says they show enough to need treating. Everyone says they don’t see them–but I do!

    We never love our hair, do we? My 2 girls, who have curly brown hair like mine long to have limp straight hair like the little clones at school.My dearest friend has changed her hair color so many times I scarcely remember the original color. And (speaking of the eggplant thing)I could’ve killed one of my nieces some years ago. She is half-Chinese/half Filipino and has that gorgeous long shiny black hair you’d expect. But what did she add to it? Purple highlights. Eeww!

    Love the eggplant hat idea. There’s a market there, I bet…

  6. I fell in love with the idea of oddly colored, in-your-face hair when I first saw Lola Rennt (Run, Lola, Run in america) back in 1999. It seemed so defiant and empowering… and let me tell you what, Franka Potente rocked it. In fact, I can’t stand to see her in movies with normal hair now.

    But once I moved here and saw a sea of raggedy ann reds & grape ape purple… well, it just lost its charm.

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