Friday Night, To The Gym

You know how I know I haven’t been going to the gym often enough?

I have no idea what the kids are listening to these days. I depend on MTV to keep updated and I watch MTV when I spend my one hour in hell on the treadmill.

Thursday, my first day back in a long time, (B’s post was somewhat inspiring) I heard a song that put a bounce in my step so I went out right after and bought it. Hell, I’ll buy any music that makes the time I spend at the gym more enjoyable.

Later in the day, I was talking to my sister. Remember she’s 20. I was telling her I just got the new Timberlake. She responded that I was lame and trying too hard to be hip. She’s a music snob to some extent, but I was willing to go to the mat for a song that got my speed up to 6.5 km an hour for 30 minutes. Seriously, Listen to “The Way I Are” and I dare you not to move. I would complain about the grammar, but that would for sure stick me in the old catagory.

But it wasn’t Timberlake. It’s Timbaland (and let me tell you, Timba can float my boat any time).

I felt totally lame. Lame like when I had to ask Mim’s friend Anna what skeet meant. No one else would tell me. Of all people who should know what skeet means, it should be me. That didn’t come out right. What I meant was that I should be up to date on the vernacular, priding myself as I do for my extensive knowledge of pop culture. I mean, if I learned anything from GBF, it’s how important pop culture can be, right?

So why is it important that I enjoy myself at the gym? Because it’s the only way I can enjoy this: before and after.



11 thoughts on “Friday Night, To The Gym

  1. You’re gorgeous, as always. And now I, too, know what skeet is. But isn’t that what they called coitus interruptus in the old days??

    P.S. And even an ol’ lady like me likes that song. Keep on walking!

  2. liz: so how do i send you the money i’m paying you for that compliment. more like a 28 to an 18. I still have quite a bit to lose.

    tat: thanks baby. you’ve been there with me the whole way.

    christina: ah, thanks. i think its a different intention than CI.

  3. you’re being modest, that after picture can’t possibly be an 18. It’s incredible, though, the difference, but you looked great “before”, too.

  4. Well you look great in both photos, but isn’t it cool to see a difference? I’m just now sorting through vacation pictures and feeling like I finally have visible proof I’ve lost weight.

    It’s at least enough to keep me going back to the gym…

  5. wow. just wow. and now send me that song so i can listen to it on my hour in hell on the treadmill. you have my email… *prettyplease* 🙂

  6. Wow, you look amazing.
    Kim sent me here and you are a wonderful inspiring example of what I finally could look achieve. I’ve lost quite a bit by now, but you – you rock it way better than me!
    Have a good night!

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