Olli, Olli, Oxen-Tail

“His confidence that he won’t be stepped on is a good sign,” says his adoptive mother, “especially since he’s the same colour as our wood floor. He’s a cutie patootie.”

Meet Oliver Klaus Oxentail.dsc05260.jpg

We’re not sure where he was born or what brought him to hide in the undercarriage of a Volvo. What we do know is that his guardian angels decided to walk to dinner while discussing their impending move to China, down the Strasse where said Volvo was parked. Hearing his teeny, tiny cries, they stopped to find him. Possessing more than a little perseverance, they got him out and took him home.

Covered in dirt, grease and god only knows what, they took him in and the next day to the vet. Close to starving, the vet diagnosed. More ear mites than she had ever seen in a kitten so young and full of worms, Olli’s foster parents took on the difficult job of saving him. And that they did. Then they made the difficult decision to find him a new home as the move to China would be most difficult.

Along comes Jen, the Angelina Jolie of pets (minus the stunning goddess-like good looks and gobs of money), never one to turn down a homeless animal.

Olli’s foster mother, Megan did a good job with him and was more than a little saddened by his departure.

Olli is a long way from that Volvo in Munich. He now resides in a larger abode in the state of Hessen, surrounded by Jen and Sparky, Kiska and Scrunchy (aka Fin). Scrunchy is the quintessential big brother, playing and hunting and wrestling. It only took two days for the older cats to be won over by Olli’s happiness, kitten joy and overall cuteness. At first, Olli had an odd maturity Jen had never seen in a kitten; a wariness that broke her heart. But he soon lost that wariness as he became more secure.

And his loving nature could not be squashed. His early morning need for snuggles and love wake Jen at 4 am. Head pushes and whiskers up the nose signal her to wake up and give him a little attention. Olli’s purr machine at full volume, he licks noses and lips and pushes his sweet little kitten face against her.

Giving up on sleep she gets up and makes her coffee, including Olli in the established routine. As her coffee brews, the older cats wake and congregate in the kitchen for morning treats, stretching and yawning as they wait patiently. Olli, still underweight, gets a big dish of wet kitten food, one of five he gets daily along with dry kitten food.. He scarfs it down in the amount of time it takes for the coffee to be finished. This is good as she doesn’t have to worry about Scrunchy butting in for his share while she’s in the kitchen. At 16 pounds, Scrunchy doesn’t need high calorie food.

However, at 16 pounds, Scrunchy is the gentlest of playmates, making sure to keep Olli entertained without harming him, teaching him the ins and outs of life in the loft, occasionally holding Olli down for a little laundry duty.

After his breakfast, Olli finds a snugly down pillow to rest his little head. Scrunchy showed him how and the two of them tend to nap together curled up, one orange and white and one solid orange, as if they have always been together.

He’s the most curious little thing. Brushes with danger have only come with large heavy vases that he seems to want to explore. He’s lucky as he’s quick, avoiding the falling leaded glass the way he does. Jen and Sparky have since moved said vases until he’s old enough. Other than that, the cat-proofed house is a perfect kitten playground. All cords are smartly hidden, lots of nooks and crannies in which to hide and pounce from.

It took a while to find his name, but Olli seems to work. It is also a tribute to those who saved him. As they travel the world, exploring distant lands, Olli lives in peace with lots of treats, loving kisses and plenty of soft places the rest his little head.

Thank you Megan and Oliver. Olli is home.

Gratuitous Kitten Pictures


6 thoughts on “Olli, Olli, Oxen-Tail

  1. Awwwww… your routine sounds like ours, all the way down to the 4 AM snuggles and “purr machine” and the “help” making coffee. He’s adorable!


  2. Great! It’s little No Name… I was heart broken when they decided to give him away…. Just went through the same exercise myself and it is awful

  3. That was exactly what I needed to read this morning. I’m especially glad to read that he has a new orange big brother to give him tongue baths, I was worried he’d miss that part. Thanks for giving him such a great home, and for sharing some details of how he’s doing. I’m glad you are all so happy with each other. – Megan and Olli (senior)

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