Serial Killer Clause

Okay, I failed. I was supposed to put this up yesterday, but I was busy as the good auntie making sure Twinkle Toes got a nutritious dinner (Cherry tomatoes and cheese nips), went to bed on time (plus an hour and a half), and brushed her teeth. At least I got the teeth brushing thing in there. Brushing before bed is the most important time to brush. Kids need to know this.

I also taught her the canned air upside down trick.

It was harder to indulge her little sister, Pebbles, because at 16 months, pretty much everything she does is indulged by those who adore her.

So yeah, I was babysitting and didn’t get home until very, very late. Plans to sleep in this morning were thwarted by Commander Evans, programmed to wake Sparky at precisely 7 am. Let’s just say it’s a very effective wake-up method. I hate it when my devious plans come back and bite me on the ass. Commander Evans is a fantastic alarm clock that one has to chase down in order to stop the noise. Fuck me.

Okay, all that being said, here’s how I failed.

Carol aka Northwest Ladybug is coming out in September. She’ll be travelling all over Krautland. On September 29th, she will be in Frankfurt for the night and we are planning a mini get-together.

What you need to know:

You are more than invited to join us, encouraged even, no matter what country of origin from which you hail as long as you are not a serial killer.

I’m talking specifically to you GDB. If you promise you are not a serial killer, you are hereby invited. No bullying or covert manipulation required. (Does that make it less special? Should I have played harder to get?)

The Serial Killer Clause is my one and only rule, I don’t care if you’re Dexter. No Serial Killers!

Two places to meet up:

16:00Frankfurt HauptBahnhof Starbucks.

18:30 or later at Yours Australian Bar
Rahmhofstr. 2-4 (Schillerpassage)
60313 Frankfurt. Phone: 069 282 100

  • I can promise a really good time.
  • I can promise that Sparky will make at least one “But we’re not swingers” joke guaranteed to make at least one person uncomfortable.
  • I can promise my language will get worse after one or two drinks.

Please let either me or J know if you’ll be meeting up with us at the Starbucks so we don’t leave without you. Let either of us know if you want to come in general so we know for how many to make the reservations. So, that being said, come out and meet Carol and her lovely daughter Elisabeth, face-to-face.

*** A note to the new expat ladies who have contacted me in the last few weeks. This is a good time to get your feet wet in the expat community. This is a really casual meet-up with more sitting and talking than sightseeing (my favourite type of meet up.) Frankfurt is not too far away from where you live (Dortmund, Duesseldorf, Munich or the Saarland) and there is always an Ibis to stay at if you are so inclined. We can discuss if you are unsure or need logistical help.


6 thoughts on “Serial Killer Clause

  1. I SOOOOOOO can’t wait to meet you and any and all other non-serial killers!

    Warning: I’ll be so happy to see a Starbucks that I’ll probably have 17 fully caffeinated lattes right at 16:00…


  2. oh geeze, not another Starbucks fan. I should have known being that she’s from Seattle. I do hope we actually make it past Starbucks.

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