The Best Thing About Working in an Office Again…

coffee.jpgI don’t have to make own coffee.

Seriously, I had forgotten how much fun work can actually be. I like my job, I like the people, I like being in Hamburg. I pretty much like it all.

Sparky likes it because I’m focusing on changing an organization and not him. He like how I can complain about the psychological aspects of certain things and its not about him. He likes that I work with people all day and any frustration I have isn’t caused by him.

And he likes how he has proven that flying takes just as much, if not more time than taking the train. Fuck.

I hate the train and I like to fly. Flying is actually cheaper in terms of euros if we don’t look at global warming issues or dying polar bears. I hate thinking about dying polar bears. They are the leading cause of my efforts in recycling and cutting down on gas and all that other green stuff. Sparky just has to mention that one more needless trip to Ikea and a baby polar bear is orphaned and its over.

agd-car.jpgWe are getting a new car soon. Either a Hybrid or a diesel. We’re still in the research phase but so far, its looking like the BMW 1 series. it seems to have a lot of bang for the buck. I was looking at an SUV hybrid, but as we don’t have kids, there is absolutely no reason for it, except that I like to sit high above people. It helps me feel more in control and superior. Sparky says I need to control things like I need another cat and that I already have a superiority complex over the German people, no need to add to my arsenal of animosity on the road.

Humph. Yeah, well, it’s his car, so what do I care. And it helps save the polar bears.

Anyway, I’m home, I’m tired and I’m pretty happy with how the week went. I travel solo next week, so that should be interesting. I have a lunch appointment with a fellow expat on Wednesday. If anyone else in the area, let me know and come join the fun.


3 thoughts on “The Best Thing About Working in an Office Again…

  1. Hey, the folks WITH the kids don’t need the SUVs. I drive a companct card and ship around a 12 year old who is as tall as an adult and an 8 year old!

    The thing that makes me grit my teeth the most is a yuppie couple with a luxury SUV and a teeny tiny baby in the back as their excuse for “needing” it. And then the assholes can’t drive the thing well, let alone park it.

    Speaking of such mishegosse,my rich sis-in-law is now driving a Mercedes SUV with two small boys and an infant girl and says they “need” it because they can’t have all three kids in the backseat. What I say is, they wouldn’t have to separate the kids if they’d bother to discipline the boys in the car–and besides, my niece could provide a buffer zone for a while.

    Do they have what they’re calling “crossover” or “compact utility vehicles” in Deutchland? We drive a Toyota Matrix and it has all wheel drive for the Man (who actually goes out in snow) and it’s higher than a standard car. But it’s small enough to park easily in cities. And the gas mileage is fantastic!

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