Vielen Dank für die Blumen

img_6259.jpgI love my work. Love, love, LOVE it. I’m working with some great people and I’m problem solving and really, what co-dependant doesn’t love a good problem solving job.It requires a LOT of strategic thinking, a lot of coordination and management cooperation and no math.

I ‘ve been having one particular problem that is possibly insurmountable. I have to overcome this issue to succeed on this particular project. I have a lot of people depending on the success of this project so I can’t just nuke the problem. Nuking the problem would make me feel a lot better, but would devastate the surrounding area. Nukes are never a good idea, right? Right?

So what does my favorite Kraut do? He’s in Stuttgart and I’m in Hamburg.

He sends me a message via Fleurop. The card reads “They won’t tread on you.” The graphics department drew a snake next to it.

American in the Haus.

Thank you for die blumen and the reminder, tschazi.

They’re gorgeous.img_6262.jpg


7 thoughts on “Vielen Dank für die Blumen

  1. Sparky’s a good guy. Flowers don’t solve an insurmountable problem. But they make the hike over that much prettier.

    Hey, We have those coffee cups. . Ikea! . .only ‘American’ sized coffee cups we could find in France.


  2. yes, they do.

    It is Ikea – globalization bring us together

    but, you know what D?

    That cup is way too small. I keep a thermos on my desk because I take two sips and that cup is empty.

  3. Good man! Some nice flowers on the desk can help keep things in perspective when things get tense. Power on up there in Hamburg, it sounds interesting and challenging as hell.

  4. Kim,

    We have a San Francisco, a Berlin, a Düsseldorf, A München and a Germany city (or, in the last case “country”) mug. Plus, my favorite Stabucks mug that my thoughtful wife gave me for Valentine’s – an “Amore” mug. We LOVE Starbucks coffee mugs!

    – Sparky

  5. sparky,

    we [only] have two chicago and one minneapolis one. BUT we’re finally gonna get a starbucks in bremen so i’m hoping they will offer bremen mugs soon as well. oh and i will most certainly bring me one back from L.A. in november as well. we love ours so much that they don’t even usually go into the dishwasher because it takes too long until we actually start it and we don’t wanna wait for our mugs that long. so we wash them by hand. i want an amore-one. will have to tell C … 🙂

  6. Congrats on re-entering the work force! As much as my job can be a pain in the butt it has been a life saver in my expat experience so far. Hope you continue to enjoy and get past this rough patch. Look forward to meeting you and Sparky in Dresden too.

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