Is It less God Damned Offensive if I Separate The Words?


Does Sally Fields comment really actually offend anyone? Really?  What part of it was offensive?

Isn’t the censoring the “goddamn” and the end of her statement more offensive?

I started to read the comments on this article and I was blown away by the sheer ignorance of a good 500 people.

This is my first foray into the world of comments.  Sparky does it all the time.

Never again.

People are stupid.

I had to pull myself off the thread because people took one issue and made it into a free for all with topics from “Iraq/Saddam caused 9/11” to abortion and how women make lousy leaders because they abort.  It drives me insane.  Really and truly insane.

How many times a day do I have to defend America because of people like this.  Granted there are many dumb asses in the world, like one of Sparky’s friends who thought this site was real.

After reading and commenting on that article, my faith in the American people has hit a new low.


5 thoughts on “Is It less God Damned Offensive if I Separate The Words?

  1. Sally should have worded her remarks differently. At least then, we would all be sure what we were arguing about, the FCC or Fox or what she said.

    All that said, it is just harder for a woman to be in American politics and not come off as shrill. Angela Merkel is just fine. The also ran in France was fine, but the preidential candidate who shall not be named grates and would still grate even if I agreed with her.

  2. I bitch about comments and how they make me lose faith in humanity’s intelligence all the time…my husband says not to read them but it’s hard not to when they are pretty much at the bottom of EVERY FREAKING NEWS STORY that exists online. I feel your irritation completely!

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