Obviously, A Masochist

I’m practicing in this life so I can wear heels in the next.

Tell me this isn’t a cute shoe. shoe.jpg

And on sale. I’m saving 50%. As my GBF says, its practically free.

I’m sure there will soon be a post about broken ankles.


2 thoughts on “Obviously, A Masochist

  1. Okay lady. You’re the shoexpert. Where can I get a pair of White Chucks Lo with a black stripe (as opposed to the traditional red, white and blue) in a Euro size 42 and get them delivered?

    I’m having a terrible time finding these. Germany has no good shoes!!!

  2. Obviously.

    If you buy two pairs at 50% off – one pair really is FREE!

    An occasional broken ankle is a small price to pay for feeling good. Hmmmm, as I read this, I’m not sure it makes much sense. Oh well!

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