Working from Home

working_girl_1987.jpgA sick kitty keeps me home this week. Scrunchy is a very sick little kitty.  His preferred sleeping arrangement is on me, which ever part is available.  And because he’s so sick, it’s hard for me to say no.  He’s asleep on my lap as I type.  All 16 pounds.

Ollie has discovered gravity and continues his experiments with any high value item he can find, like my camera. He has also figured out that if he swipes my glasses off with one paw, he has access to my eyes with his other paw. He’s a smart little bugger.

Working from home is a mixed thing. I like sleeping in my own bed and being with the kitties and scheduling a breakfast with Tat and a hair appointment for later in the week and not having to live out of a suitcase. I like kitten licks waking me up as opposed to a ringing phone across the room, but…

I’ve lost 5 kilos in two weeks working in an office. The coffee and cigarettes diet is my preferred method for losing weight. Add a lot of walking and flights of stairs as an exercise routine (regime) and you have a happy girl. Ten more kilos and I’m heading to the plastic surgeon and let me tell you, I can hardly wait. Did you know you can lift EVERYTHING? I’ll have one of everything, please.

I like seeing people I like every day.

I like having decent coffee any time I want it.

I like travelling even though it’s exhausting.

I like the sense of independence I get. I haven’t had it in a long time and it’s like putting on a favourite cashmere sweater.

I like that my German is improving.

I like how distance makes Sparky and I closer when we’re together.

I like not having to scoop the poop.working-girl-ur.jpg

I like being able to justify a new pair of shoes.

I like not having to clean the house or cook.

Hmm. I think I see a change coming.


3 thoughts on “Working from Home

  1. hmm, i’ve been putting on weight since i started working here seven years ago. but we can’t smoke inside the office and there’s not many stairs to take…

    my favorite: I like how distance makes Sparky and I closer when we’re together. that is so true. i remember every time before i got off the plane to see C after months how it was like a first date with the sick stomach, butterflies and all. but only for about five seconds, then it just felt right and like home to put my nose in the space between his neck and collarbone and take a deep breath 🙂 distance is good for a relationship.

    you sound really happy with your job and i hope kitty feels better soon so you can go back to HH.

  2. I started to write a comment along the lines of “good for you for getting back out there and loving it”… and then I was reminded of how I’m headed back “into the home” for a while. GULP. Working is great, being out there with people is healthy, having accomplished something of your own is something to be proud of. Don’t lose your momentum, stay out there…and buy some killer heels while you’re at it.

    Sorry about Scrunchy! I really thought Ollie had pretty much kicked it. I hope he recovers soon and that it spells an end to feline illness in the household.

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