The Expense of Fluffy Love

Last mention of cats for a while lest I live up to the cat lady moniker Megan has warned me of.

But, I have to say, another great thing about Krautland is the cost of vets.

dsc05417.jpgScrunchy was really, really sick last week. At one point we had to rush him to the emergency clinic because he couldn’t breathe. It was a scoop up and go kind of thing that had me in a panic for the whole 10 minute drive. The emergency vet was stupid and lame, but by the time he told me Scrunchy wasn’t dying but was “what Ami’s call reverse sneezing…” (WTF?), our regular vet had arrived back at her office.

He had a very serious lung infection. We could hear him struggling to breathe type of lung infection. It required constant vigilance to make sure he could continue to breathe. It took constant supervision to make sure Ollie didn’t jump on his head and it took daily visits to our vet for antibiotic shots. She needed to make sure his lung function was improving because his mouth turned blue on occasion and that, my friends, is not good.

So, five vet visits, one on a Saturday when she wasn’t officially open and one including little Ollie to make sure he could breathe as it was his cold Scrunchy caught. Guess how much the vet bill was?

Nope. Not even close.

It’s 85 euro. In total. For five visits plus shots, plus another cat examination.

Sparky said that this was simply too expensive and we should put the cats down. I mean really, its almost as much as our phone bill and certainly less then we spend in gas for a week. Damn those cats. I might not be able to afford those Manolos I can’t walk in. (Please refer to the comments section of this post to understand the joke, if I lost you.)

Seriously, last Christmas we took a friend’s cat to the vet in California and the initial visit, to just walk in the room was $74.00. They wanted to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound cost more than the ultrasounds I get and let me tell you, my ultrasounds are far more personal than cat belly.

Scrunchy is on the mend and Ollie has been scheduled for the uh-huh of his huh-uh. We are careful not to mention this in front of him. We’re considerate like that.

I get to go back to work next week and I cannot wait. I wish I could blog about it, but there is a certain someone who reads this blog (I’m talking to you, Christian – quit reading this and go back to work) and it would not be good. Suffice it to say, if I’m not royally pissed off by some numbskull maneuver, I’m enjoying the hell out of fixing it.


All three cats are in this picture. And if you know Sparky and the TV furniture you can gauge his love for a certain black cat. The only things allowed to touch that piece are the dusting cloth and Kiska.


14 thoughts on “The Expense of Fluffy Love

  1. oh man, that sounds scary. i’m glad he’s better now! oh and i LOVE your living room. when i die, that’s where i wanna live… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oye. I’m glad that he’s on the mend, poor guy. Your vet sounds really great. I love mine in Munich (damn if I’ll find anything like her in China) although her prices are a touch higher, but not much. One thing though, she wouldn’t let me snip Fergus until he was 6 months old. I had to endure quite my share of aggressive behavior and scratching before we finally were able to get him his ‘procedure’.

    I know quite well how Germans are about money, but Sparky’s got nothing to complain about that vet bill. If it ever comes down to the wire, call me and I’ll contribute. I feel partly responsible anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And you’re no where near being a crazy cat lady yet, rest easy. – Megan

  3. Kim: You might want to wait until we have a coffee table. The hunt has been going on for years and we’ve never been able to come up with a good solution we both like.

    Megan: Thanks, Megan. I do feel i’m getting close.

    Just to clarify, Sparky was totally joking. He, alone without my American spending habits, would spend every dime he had to make the cats healthy if they could be made healthy. Its so NOT an issue for us. At all.

    Scrunchy got sick because, being an indoor cat, he doesn’t have the same immunities as a kitten from the streets. It was bound to happen at some point. Kiska, remarkably enough, is fine. Probably because she doesn’t wrestle and sleep with Ollie. or rather Ollie’s mouth isn’t all over her head, neck, legs and stomach 75% of the day.

    My vet placed Olli between 10 and 12 weeks when we got him and because I leave in November and he’s a REALLY big kitten, she didn’t see a problem. (She did make us wait with Scrunchy.) I didn’t want to wait until I got back from california and have a spray issue. That would be really horrible. I wouldn’t know what to do at that point. So to avoid that type of problem, mid-oct he’ll be singin’ soprano.

    The weirdest thing with ollie is that wet food gets stuck in his nose. Dr. Minck thinks he has a bit of Persian in him because of that stubby little nose. I’m weening him to dry food, but he’s a persistant little bugger. I’ll send you and e-mail with the latest.
    Megan, thanks again. he is such a bundle of love and joy.

  4. I’m glad the kitties are on the mend! And I, too, enjoyed the low cost of vet care in Germany. I had Ginger’s teeth cleaned for only a fraction of what it would have cost me to do it in the US!

  5. Poor kitties! Pets/kids/people in general not being able to breath properly is one thing that completely freaks me out. So glad they’re on the mend. But 85 Euros – just think of all the protein powder Sparky could have bought with that! (yes, I remember the “incident” and totally get the joke) ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. If I ever suggested “putting a cat down” because of the cost of making said pet healthy again, I’d be in need of medical attention myself.

  7. Even after arguing with the vet for months about Dude’s snip-snip, he only ended up charging us something like 60โ‚ฌ. I thought for sure he’d rake us over the coals for what he deemed an ‘unnecessary’ surgery.

    Honestly, I would’ve paid three times that much(and considered it a bargain!) to never have to see Dude’s pink thing again…

  8. That sounds incredibly scary. I’m so glad the little guy (not so little anymore!) is on the mend.

    And speaking of not so little anymore, Olli has grown considerably since the last picture you posted. He looks like a teenager now. I’m observing a moment of silence for his boy-jewels. (man it felt kinky writing that…)

    And Kiska exists! And she’s (Kiska is a she, right? I never asked, I always assumed, it’s such an elegant name) – Kiska is blending into the furniture. I’m seriously beginning to suspect that cat has got chameleon genes. She’s a cham-cat.

  9. Maria: I keep looking for ways to convince sparky that ginger needs to come live with us. My dad told me that for two cats he paid close to $1300 to have their teeth cleaned. Its insane in the US.

    Christina: I know, huh. Sparky could have purchased THREE canisters of the good stuff for that amount. I was really, really scared. and that reverse sneezing thing. that guy was a total moron.

    Ace: I can imagine. It a good thing I saw the humor or Sparky might have been the next one singin’ soprano.

    jkbz: Unnessary surgery? really? I thought every vet was ina greement about the spay/neuter thing. for Scrunchy his was 28 euro. Sparky does pay more for protein powder.

    Lisa: Kiska is a she and she is a total cham-cat. She also has really short legs, but runs really, really fast. My brother dubbed her Thelma from Scooby Doo because of how she runs.

    In Germany, I think only Tat and Hamish have actually seen Kiska. She’s pretty selective in who she deigns with visual contact.

    Did I mention that both Tat and Hamish are totally allergic to cats and I have to shove claritin down their throats the moment they walk into the house?

  10. ๐Ÿ™‚ I knew he was joking, you both have a devotion and commitment to your animals that is beyond doubt.

    I do wish my vet had allowed snippage a bit sooner than six months. I still have a few scratch scars from month 5.

    And now you don’t need to worry anymore. Yesterday I think I claimed cat lady title for the most frequent posting about my damned cat. As China gets closer, I’m getting more and more obsessed with him.

  11. Not a bad deal at all. Though I have to say, in defense of the US vets, ours is absolutely awesome, too..
    The amount of “weird” phone calls our vet got from us so far, no charge. But there is a note for each call on the dog’s history sheet. We are labeled “O called”.
    He probably thinks though that we are some overneurotic, overconcerned, OCD like pet owners… ๐Ÿ™‚
    What would you do when your dog comes back from the dip in the pool with two of the back toe pads being shaved off (bleeding, no less) due to the coarse cement non-skid flooring.

    When we actually do go there, we pay never anything more than $20 per dog, regardless of what needed to happen.

    Now, let’s swing the conversation to the monthly heartworm medication! One can only get 6 pills in a box (Large dog size) for $50 bucks… Note to myself, need to go by the vet, just ran out of heartworm pills again

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