Permission to Kick My Ass

Next time I complain about my life as a woman of independent means, kick my ass.

I had forgotten the joys of working yes, but in my personal belief system, there is a price for everything, the joy is tempered with the pain-in-the-ass problems of the working world.

I forgot that politics are exhausting. I forgot my astroglide. I had forgotten what its like to walk around with a ball of anxiety in the pit of my stomach for most of the day and all of the night. I had forgotten the feelings of inadequacy and failure that are simply a part of my personality; traits that push me forward, bite back needing sustenance.

I am very lucky in my current circumstance.

The good news? I found the local Starbucks and am now the proud owner of a large enough coffee mug.


8 thoughts on “Permission to Kick My Ass

  1. I sometimes fantasize about quitting my job as an attorney and opening a yoga studio, or a bookstore, or a tea bar, or some other sort of stereotypically “calm” and crunchy vocational endeavor.

    But I’m pretty sure if I did that I would miss the feelings of anxiety, failure, and inadequacy that drive me forward also. Maybe not those, but the feeling of accomplishment that is the end result.

    You’re right that there’s a price for everything, and if coffee is enough to get you through the day, you’re lucky! Keep your head up and get yourself an industrial sized bottle of astroglide.

  2. I am going to try to word this as delicately as possible…but what what do your not having any Astroglide and problems with your line of work have to do with one another?

    (winking smiley)

  3. Kara: seriously. I have acomplished A LOT over the past month and seeing my contribution in action is such a high, but man, getting there ws such hard work. I have had more than one sleepless night.

    Dorion: Its not big enough. Its about .7 litres or 0.26417 gallons. I drink about six mug fulls a day. People are jealous of my mug so I’ve had to warn everyone that it is my mug and it is in their best interest that they leve it alone.

    Letters aka Baaaabbbyyy: You know, i’m kind of a uh… kinky girl at heart and I like to be placed over barrels. However, I like to be prepared before I am placed in such a position and that is not always the case here. Shall I go into more detail or is this enough?

  4. Such as reasonable request, how can I say no?

    Seriously, it’s a good thing that you recognize that the stress that comes with trying to accomplish things in a difficult situation is far better than the stress that comes from, shall we say, ennui.

  5. @ Acerbic1: Back off my wife, buddy, or YOU are going over the barrell :).

    @ Jen: Seems like everyone is loving you there. Has nothing to do WITH Asroglide now, does it? Should I be worried ;)?

  6. Dear Heisse Scheisse readers: NEVER ask Jen to go into more detail if you know what’s good for you! 😉

    But seriously, Miz Jen, I’m positive that you’re doing a fantastic job and you’re going to be JUST FINE, with our without the Astroglide.

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