Snipped and Chipped

So, today was the day. Olli is free from crazy male cat hormones. He also had a small hernia fixed and was micro-chipped. He is official with an international passport and as soon as he recovers can go just about anywhere although I think he prefers to stay home.

I have always fixed my cats. Never felt bad about it until Olli.

It started over the weekend when he was totally out of control, Sparky and I started the “If you don’t stop walking on our faces at 3 am, you’re going to lose ’em on Monday morning!”

We didn’t actually say that to him, but I felt guilty thinking it. It was really mean. I’m a mean lady as it is, but for some reason this was just too much meanness for me because regardless, he was losing them on Monday and it didn’t feel right making it into a joke. I don’t know why.

dsc05424.JPGSo then I started cuddling him more and snuggling him more and kissing his little head. This morning when I brought him to Frau Dr. Minck, I was a little scared for him. Granted it was a 3 minute procedure and really in ALL of our best interest, but I still felt bad.

I picked him up a little later and the Dr. pulled me into the examination room to discuss the procedure. All went fine and according to plan, but Olli went wild as the anesthesia started to wear off. She said cats have one of two reactions. Either they sleep or they get crazy. Scrunchy was the sleepy kind and Olli is the wild kind. She suggested I leave him in his bag in a darkened room for a couple of hours to calm him down because she didn’t want him to hurt himself.

So I did. I sat with him in the dark for a while. He was wild until I held him to my chest. Then he tried to lick me, his little freckled face bobbed a bit and then he promptly fell asleep. I held him for five more minutes then gently laid him down. He’s been calm and asleep since. I think my heart broke a little.

dsc05426.JPGYou know, that kitten has been through a lot in his short little life. From god only knows to Volvos to Megan to me. I was worried when we got him because he seemed so scared and so mature in a tiny little body. But he’s grown. He plays with Scrunchy. He gets kisses and loves before he goes exploring because all explorers need kisses before they hunt down plastic mice and rabid feathers. He’s well fed and he sleeps with the rest of us on 300+ count sheets and down pillows. He knows he’s loved and he knows he’s safe and that is the best feeling ever.


6 thoughts on “Snipped and Chipped

  1. Olli must have had some good karma due him…

    Well fed, 300+ thread count sheets and down pillows, huh?? If I tell you the sad story of my origin will you adopt me, too?

    Give Olli an extra gentle pat for me.

  2. Aw man, Jen!! Did you have to go tugging on my already fragile heart strings today?!

    I am SUCH a sucker for a sweet kitty-cat and Ollie is adorable. Glad he’s surviving the snip. Guess all men go a little wild when those dingalings are messed with…

    Boo and Bailey have been diving from the footboard INTO our fluffy new 12″ thick bett-decken all night, then heading up to my face for a little rest. Guess they missed me!

    STILL miss you, m’friend! Oh — by the way, I did get a shot of Mr. Incredible. Will post it now!


  3. Oh man. Poor little teddy bear. It had to happen.

    His little solemn face is one in a million. He had the expression of a war orphan. Sweet and heartbreaking.

    But today was just a tough day and now he’s home…

    Kisses from me.

  4. Always a hard decision to make, but a necessary and THE good decision to make.
    But one still feels bad for the few days that they are in recovery mode and you see the scar….

  5. … just occurred to me that in the pictures Scrunchy has a protective paw over the ‘area in question’. Too late, but well meant kid. 🙂

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