Two in the Pink, One in the Stink*

Mini-meet-up Review:

Carol, Elisabeth, Geoffry and Rich rule. I met them all for the first time and as usual, I’ve never met a blogger I didn’t like. Well that’s not exactly true, but the one I didn’t like was an exception to the rule and it was more of a personality clash than anything. And given my personality, that there was only ONE is amazing. Blogger rock.

dsc05571.JPGBack to the positive, Geoffry was awesome and fascinating. His quiet voice and interesting stories kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Carol. I have no idea what to say about Carol except it feels like we’ve been friends forever and ever and ever. She so freaking awesome. I wish she was here this morning to have a coffee on my balcony and we could chat all day. I’ll try to arrange this year’s Girlie Weekend around her schedule so she could possibly fly out for it. It would be worth it for all involved.

Elisabeth is a lot like her mother, for which she can thank her mother.dsc05568.JPG Gorgeous and bright, the two of them. And the relationship between them is fantastic. If I have a kid, I want to be a mom like Carol and I want a kid like E. E was particularly interested in Sparky’s line of work, as evil as it is. She understood the dead mother joke so she’s automatically cool in my book. And by the way, E, nice bra! Nice touch with the Bavarian Blue.

dsc05573.JPGRich. Rich my partner in crime. Rich and I decided smokers are way cool. We were the only people smoking and removed ourselves from the group as to not filthify their air. We had some deep discussions about pornicures (french manicures) and high heels. To his credit he tried to talk about football/soccer/fussball, but it was all lost on me. I have trouble differentiating Klose from Klo (Klose is some soccer player and klo is toilet). Rich lives close to me so I anticipate some more face time in the near future.

And J as always is the best organizer and sweetest man on the face of the earth. I absolutely adore J, but that is old news.

Sparky, well, he was “on” all night. E asked him about his work and neuroscience, and as Tat can tell you, once you engage Sparky in a subject he likes, he won’t stop, not even to wash his hands or polish something.

And he was in a very tight shirt for which the waitress was thankful. Its nice to have an incredibly smart and hot husband. Sometimes it takes going out and seeing him outside our normal routine to remember, but yeah, I got pretty lucky. Next time you see him ask him to to do his Mr. Incredible impression, its hysterical.

So the meetup was fantastic if too short. But they all are. I can’t wait for Dresden.

Oh and my mysterious Belgian didn’t show up. Is that because you’re a serial killer or because you forgot?

*E introduced me to a new hand gesture that I didn’t previously know. It’s called The Shocker. I collect these fine and classy phrases/gestures. I am nothing if not a lady. The krauts will be getting more than a thumbs up on my next drive.


12 thoughts on “Two in the Pink, One in the Stink*

  1. Jen,
    I was kinda wondering what that headline had to do with the post. Mystery solved!

    I saw someone use the shocker on CNN yesterday. OK, it was The Daily Report with Jon Stewart, but still: the interviewee had NO IDEA he was being made a fool of.

  2. wow, sounds like a great time! i wish i could meet you guys some time, too.

    when i read your title at first i thought it’d have something to do with 🙂

  3. The Shocker! LOL! I swear I ALWAYS learn something new on your blog.

    Glad you guys had such a good time, but I knew you would. And Sparky MUST wear a tight t-shirt in Dresden.

  4. Christina,

    I’m already going on my special buff-up diet and training regimen… err… I mean REGIME* for you. if the current progress persists, you will be pleased, I promise ;).

    *Insider joke for anyone who saw the last Tonight Show with Steve Carrell.

  5. Oh, Jen — my dear and wonderful new friend, Jen — it is SO hard being home… largely because our last big horrah in Germany was the GREATEST horrah ever! You guys ROCK! Elisabeth and I just can’t shut up about how great it was to meet you all. She has, of course, decided to quit her job, move to Germany and be a psychological marketer… or whatever Sparky’s profession is called.

    Me… I just want to — yeah — sit with you on your balcony, sip coffee, and chat and laugh forever.

    You rock (du steinst!), my friend!


  6. Even though it was a small group, what fun we had! Glad you guys attended. Living near Frankfurt has its advantages.

  7. Hey, it was tremendous meeting you guys! Hope you make it up to Köln sometime, maybe I can get you hired to do one of your magic things on my group, we need it!

  8. I must say, Jen, your shocker link has really opened up a whole (and a hole) new world for me 🙂

    I had so much fun with you in the land of the Deutsch! Can I come to your next girlie get-together too?


  9. my girlfriends night is not complete without getting down with the violence…she loves when i surprise her w/the shocker!

  10. I had a narrow nose, which made my friends to comment on the same. I had fallen in depression and did not recover until I got a cure for the same with non-surgical nose job done. Good post to go… Thanks guys!

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