ill9.jpgOne reason I can’t wait for California is that I might have something more interesting to write about. I’ve had interesting times lately, but none of it I can talk about. I probably won’t be able to talk about California either because I’ll be solo for a bit and it’ll be boring.


Yeah, no.

Other than work, I have only Sparky and cats to talk about and I think if I tell one more story about cats, I will have earned the matching Cat Umbrella/Tote bag set my grandmother gave me.

Not so interesting minutiae:

My surgery was removing the superficial veins from both legs and they did that using a hook and I have the swelling and bruising to prove it. Telling my family about it in sphincter-activating detail is great fun.

I have a mouse problem. Having left my new mouse in Hamburg, I’m using my old one and it moves my cursor around every few words so writing the simplest of sentences becomes a chore.

Sparky and I might go to Vegas in December on our way back from Pasadena. Neither of us have ever been there. There is a shooting range where you can shoot any type of weapon. And we might get married because according to my mother-in-law, that’s where and how all Americans get married. Heathens!

If my brother decides to go to Puerto Rico for New Year’s, I will fill his car air vents with pink silvery confetti so I can celebrate New Years with him later. We’re close like that.

Ollie had worms so bad that it required all cats to be shot up for a month. Sparky tried to make sure the vet didn’t think we had Munchhausen’s-By-Proxy by making a joke about it. Our vet thought it had more to do with Sparky eyeing the horse steroids than M-b-P.

Living in Germany allows me to know how to spell words like Munchhausen’s.

I’m going to go get ready for my day with Tat. She’s coming to get me because I still shouldn’t drive and the Mercedes isn’t functional and we’re going back to her house. She is picking me up AND taking me home. That’s almost four hours of driving. I am obviously loved. Or she desperately wants to make fun of my caramel legs.


4 thoughts on “Minutiae

  1. Just to make you feel better about YOUR mouse problem, come see the mouse problem on MY blog today!!

    Hey, just write, Jen. We just like it when you write. Undirected and random is absolutely FINE!


  2. I gotta agree with Carol on this one. Undirected and random is often when you are at your funniest.
    Thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering how you were doing since your surgery.


  3. I always wondered about Sparky and the ‘roids. He is kind of Barry Bonds like. LOL! Kidding…

    Vegas rocks. Kevin and I always have a good time there. The outlet shopping is great too…yeah, the high class shops are great too, but who can pass up a good deal???

  4. Wedding in Vegas? Um, nice thought, but you might just regret it later when your grandchildren ask to see the wedding photos and you have to reveal that your reception was at Arby’s on the strip. Make sure you at least do it right, like…oh, I dunno. At Circus Circus, maybe?

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