Treading on Thin Ice

Me: Those computer guys piss me off so much. I have a total short fuse when it comes to dealing with those assholes.

Sparky: I noticed. They really are idiots over there.

Me: I just can’t stand it anymore. What difference does it matter, if we bought a worldwide warranty, if they send it to me in the UK or the US or Germany. They have to send the piece of shit to the UK anyway.

…I might having a bit of a mood swing.

Sparky: No shit. Slamming your drawers and screaming “Pricks!” into the phone gave me a clue. Its one hell of a swing. Hahahaha

Me: Maaaaybe… (death stare)

Sparky: …I shouldn’t comment on your mood swing?

Me: Yeah…


One thought on “Treading on Thin Ice

  1. I love when you write dialogue. It plays in my mind with your real voices, which I wish I could hear right now. We might need to Skype some day soon…well, after you return from CA with a ton of kick-ass new shoes.

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