That’s How We Roll


Last weekend, T-bone and I channeled our inner rap star by drinking gin and juice. Well, as close as two women in their mid-thirties get to juice (think of the calories!). It was really pink lemonade flavored Crystal Light, but hey, it was dope. I think I’ll let Snoop know.

You know when Tatiana and I first became friends, coffee was the strongest drink we indulged in. A few months later, we’d add a bit of Bailey’s to that mix.

Then we moved on to Cosmos. Cosmos were delish until we ran out of vodka late one night and Cosmon’s were born. (Subsitute rum for vodka)

Now? Now, our gloves are off. We know each other’s deep dark secrets and we talk all night long like its our 25th hour. There is no beef between our gangs (The Cats vs The Kids). No problems between East Coast and West (West Coast for life, baby). Not since the youngest member of her gang, Pebbles, dropped it like it’s hot the floor and meowed. Scrunchy took the peace offering and allowed Pebbles to touch him.

I think we’ll move into the video biz. I hear all you need to do is spend $100,000 on cars and $900,000 on hos. All we need is a backer. Anyone interested? We got this game down.

Let me tell you, we could hang with the homies.


6 thoughts on “That’s How We Roll

  1. Oh, I totally sent you a better choice to choose from! You’re bad. Good thing you’re on the airplane as I write this or I’d give you a call and have a few words with you for posting the photos I look totally smashed in. I see the love. It’s clear to me now. Self-interest. It’s all about how Jen gets to look pretty smiling and T-bone looks like she went through a bottle of gin (which I didn’t; you did the other half). It’s ok, Jen Dog (is that what you go by these days?). I’ve got my own blog to post the smashed Jen. So, HA! … Have a great time in SF. Make sure to smile and look pretty.

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