Belle and Sebastian

Jen:  Hey, if you have some Belle and Sebastian, please put it on.

Sparky, sitting in front of his computer in our home office, grimaces.   Having copied all the music I picked up in the States (Thanks GBF!!!), I knew he had it.  As I went about my morning chores – feeding cats, getting coffee, making bed and all, I wanted to hear a little Tigermilk.

Defensive off the bat because I failed to find a “Hollywood” scriptwriter yesterday (Germans and their specific specifications) and I hate failing at anything, he picked the wrong time to get all anal retentive about music.

Sparky:  Shaun listed this under rock music?  Why didn’t he label it whiny?

Jen:  Dude, just go to Amazon and see how its listed.  I love it.

Tigermilk plays in the background.  Sparky is slowly simmering.  I do understand this type of torture. The moment The Who comes on, my ears begin to bleed and it feels like my brain is being tweaked with a kabob stick thing.

Sparky:  So where’s Belle?

Jen:  Sparkles. (Insert not so patient sigh here) There is no Belle and there is no Sebastian.  Its like Pink Floyd.  There is no Pink.

Sparky:  “Is that Belle?” referring to a female vocal.

I ignore him.

A few minutes later…

Sparky:  You know why this bothers me?  There might not be a Pink, but Pink Floyd’s music sounds like Pink Floyd and there might not be any Cocteau Twins, but their music sounds like Cocteau Twins.  This music does not sound like Belle and Sebastian.

Jen:  Do you want to know who Belle and Sebastian are?  They are characters from a book.  Sebastian being a boy and Belle being his dog.  This music sounds like a Belle and Sebastian. 

Sparky:  No, it does not.

Jen:  Yes. It.  Does.

Sparky:  Nope.  Does not.

Jen:  Sparky.  This is Ri. Dic. Ulous.  It totally sounds like a Belle and Sebastian…  blah, blah, blah.

I looked over 5 minutes into my speech and Sparky was totally laughing at me.  He doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

I don’t know why it was so important to me to convince him that Belle and Sebastian’s music sounds like their band name, but it was.  I hate this part of my personality.  Argh.


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