More Room for Useless Hair Products

In my vigorous attempt to avoid doing that which needs to be done, I’ve cleaned all the eye care products from my house including, but not limited to, an entire shelf in my medicine cabinet. Wow.

In my last Costco run before I left Cali, I stopped by the eye care section out of habit. It was only when my hand was on the Value Twin Pack did I remember and think “I don’t need this! Yay” followed immediately by, “I can spend that 20 bucks on Sharpies!

It is incredible to be able to see without glasses. Only those who wear glasses and know the pain of falling asleep with glasses on, waking up to bent frames and a red, sore spot on the bridge of your nose, can fully understand the freedom that comes with not having to wear glasses anymore.

Things I can do that I couldn’t:

Go in and out of the house in the winter and see. Wake up and see, have sex and see. Open the hot dishwasher and see, open the hot oven and see. Fall asleep and see up until the last moment. Shop for sunglasses and wear sunglasses all the time without having to buy sunglasses large enough to fit over my regular frames because my prescription is too strong to put into sunglasses frames without having some sort of head crane contraption to hold them in place.

Seeing is awesome.

P.S. I didn’t have unopened cleaning solution or I would have passed that a long because, man, that stuff is expensive. and I kept my hello kitty contact case to put melted lipstick in. I don’t have any melted lipstick because I’m more of a gloss girl, but just in case. I’m clever like that. And it’s Hello Kitty.


7 thoughts on “More Room for Useless Hair Products

  1. you sound so happy to see, it makes me happy 🙂
    although i still wish i could see. oh well, my new glasses are HOT! 😀

    PS: i re-joined ww and plan on going back to the gym ASAP so i’d be forever thankful for those exercise tracks! if you get the chance… 😉

  2. yay, yes J, we understand you can see. I was thrilled the first day that you could see and have subsequently lost interest with every following “Jeffy, ask me to read something….” I am very happy for you, but let’s hear about something more engaging, like myself, me, or me at Smitty’s. All of which are very exciting. And I still have better vision then you, and I love you.

  3. So jealous. Wore my huge-ass glasses for a month to get my LASIK exam only to find out my vision is too bad to get it. Maybe someday…

  4. I know what you should do… use that new vision to look at the computer screen while you type up new posts! sound like a great idea to me, love you

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