Fuck Being the Doctor’s Wife

It’s overrated if you don’t have a gardener or a pool boy. I mean it. Really.

Say goodbye to the Lady of Leisure.

I got a job, a great job* in a great office doing what I do best. It will involve very long days, mind reading, some travel, creative problem solving, politicking, sleepless nights, 4 tons of coffee beans, endless supply of Spanx, a few new pairs of shoes, an open mind and a cocktail dress.

The gods slapped me upside the head late last year and I finally got the message. I’m not a fan of those head shots. So I’m changing, I’m moving forward.

While being a lady of leisure has been fun, it was also pretty uninspiring and soul-numbing. I mean really, the cats are great and all, but aside from litter box duties and snacks, they don’t require a lot of care. And Sparky? I stopped cooking long ago. He’s fine with lunch meat out of the package, a protein shake and a housekeeper. Kids are out of the picture, so really, there’s no point and life is unbearably long when its pointless.

It also left me dependant.

So I made up my mind and got a job. What does a girl need with a new job, aside from the wardrobe and shoes? I am nothing if not an accessorizer.

New Digs.

Yep, I’m moving to Hamburg proper.

I’ll be coming back to Boweltown a couple times a month, but my main base will be Hamburg for the foreseeable future.

New job, new place. I have no idea what else might be coming down the pike, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Well, right now I am, by the light of day. I’m much braver in the daylight. Tonight when I attempt to sleep, I’ll be panicked and terrified, but as long as I get up in the morning ready for the fight, I’ll be okay, right?

*Now, before any of the expat newbies think this is easy, it’s not. It was a lucky break pursued hot and fast with a lot of hard work. I’m sure there are many ways to find employment that I’m not aware of and until recently, I wasn’t all that interested. I am not a good person to contact as to how to find a job. I don’t know.

My story? I saw an opportunity and worked it until I beat it dead. I finagled and maneuvered and I twisted my American self in until I was absolutely essential. Let me re-phrase that. What I do is essential for this company, I’m not. It didn’t have to be me. It could have been anyone with my set of skills. What set me apart was my doggedness at gaining this position. And no I’m not telling you the name of my company.

Moral of this story: If you want something, if you want to change your circumstances, you can do it, just don’t wait for someone to come knocking on your door. They won’t in America and they won’t in Krautland.


23 thoughts on “Fuck Being the Doctor’s Wife

  1. Good for you Jen! Keep us informed about this part of your journey! Personally I adore being a kept woman 🙂 but it’s not for everyone of course.

  2. i think it’s a GREAT decision. the whole “commuting” sounded pretty stressful over the last few months…

    oh, and also: bremen boweltown = far apart vs. bremen hamburg = 45 train-minutes. i totally see that coffee date coming into sight! 🙂

  3. Wow. I am currently in the process of trying to tell my husband and my sister this exact thing re: opportunity doesn’t fall in your lap. I love when you work your ass off for something and people sit back and think “LUCKY!” when that’s not it at all. Well, maybe it’s part of it but “luck” is never the whole story. Maybe I will just send them this link.

  4. Does this mean I have to memorize anoter rediculously long phone #? I can live with that.

    p.s. i need to talk to you

  5. >whew!< My first glance at the title and I missed the word “being.”

    Congratulations on the job! I did some digging and found out it’s with Airbus. Everybody here works for them, you know.

  6. I’m sorry, “whose” company name? Thought so, that sounds like the Jen I know. We know you will do well.

  7. Your moral is my moral and I’m trying to pound it into the head of my (gulp)about to turn 13 year old. Hope some day she will get it the way you do.Well done and congratulations!

  8. Congrats.
    I liked the paragraph about nights and days and being ready to fight. Going through the same thing these days trying to re-adjust to Krauterland… 😉

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