i’m gonna rap that jack, sometimes

Why has it taken me so long to appreciate Moby? Does this make me old?

You know what is not fun? Switching from a crappy Vista machine to a Mac auf deutsch.

I have no idea what I’m doing, but the machine keeps laughing at me.

Excel on a Mac is crap. Excel on a Mac in German is hell.It took me four hours figure out how to copy & paste.

That apple key is driving me crazy as is switching between a UK keyboard and a German keyboard. I wonder if i could use that as a new skill. Fluent in British, American and German keyboarding. Just finding the @ symbol is a challenge, not to mention the ‘ or the /. Let’s not even talk about the Z and Y configuration. It’s not so eayz.

Found an apartment. It’s great except for the clause in the lease that says we cannot bathe or shower from 10 pm to 7 am. WTF?? If they think showering is noisy, there is another activity that begins with an “S” they should be more worried about.

I’ve had 7 cups of coffee.

I’m no longer making any sort of sense.


7 thoughts on “i’m gonna rap that jack, sometimes

  1. 10 to 7? WTF? What if you have to be to work at 8. You’ll be late daily! I would anyway… I shower at 545 and leave the house at 715 each day. I would never get a shower. I’d smell. You’ll smell. Wait! You might just fit in with all the little old ladies…except you’re not old. Or hunched over. Ack! I’m panicing for you!

  2. It doesn’t make you old, but why DID it take so long after I went on-&-on about how great Moby was after seeing him in Paris in 2000?

    I love my mac, but Excel on mac DOES SUCK! And I’m the (former?) Excel wiz. I can’t even imagine what’s it’s like auf deutsch.

    I know you’re busy w/ the move & job & all, but email me. I want to know what’s going on. And I have much to tell.


  3. How odd. There probably weren’t enough regulations to meet the German Regulations For Everything quota and needed one more. At least one that they could control.

    Will you be living right in the center of Hamburg?

  4. mmm obviously don´t have that clause in my neighbours lease…..showering and shouting at 1.30am is the norm.
    I know what you mean about the keyboard thing. I spent weeks translating American English Powerpoints, to German on my English/English keyboard…grrrrr. I´m glad the blond highlights mask the extra grey hairs I gained in the process.

  5. Landlord put that clause in leases all the time but it’s not enforceable. About five years ago the courts ruled that people cannot be limited to certain times to bathe/shower so if you landlord tried to break your lease because you showered at midnight, it wouldn’t hold up in court.

    I think 1am showers would piss off your neighbors but at 6am shower wouldn’t even make anyone blink.

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