Speaking with a co-worker about a management change:

Me: So, can you handle it. He is a hard guy to work with and he’ll fight it.

Male Colleague: Yes. I can. I have der longer breast.

Me, thinking WTF?: You mean you have the bigger penis?

MC, looking at me with disgust: No, no, no. How do you say… atem. Ich kann…

Me: Oh, you mean breath. Okay, yes, that works. You can hold your breath longer. Gotcha.

MC, looking at me angrily: I do NOT have longer breasts.


7 thoughts on “Misunderstandings

  1. Love it! Keep ’em coming. 🙂

    Ever see that “Carry on Laughing” hospital movie with this conversation:

    Doc (wielding a stethoscope): Big breaths, Emma.

    Emma: Yeth, and I’m only thixteen!

  2. your posts always make me laugh. miranda told me you wanted me to comment if I read. so I am doing so. come visit us in spain! cointreau for cosmos is staring at me from my shelf, calling you.

  3. dude, there are so many more coming. This place is ripe for misunderstanding what with everyone speaking to me in english. and really, its the only part i can write about.

    I seem to have more time to blog employed than i did unemployed. i’m glad people are still reading because for a while there, it was a desert, baby.

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