Working hard or…

Why do I seem to have more time to blog and read blogs and COMMENT now that I’m working?


5 thoughts on “Working hard or…

  1. I spent so much more time toodling around the internet when I was employed. It’s fun to waste time that someone else is paying you for!

  2. Maybe you are more focused now. I like to read while taking a break, which means I also comment. And I comment while on boring ass conference calls. Seriously. Our Division dude loves to hear his own damned voice! Yes, that is what I am doing now. Reading your blog while he rambles on about feeling like the Districts are pushing him out of the upcoming Economics summit when he should be more involved. Blah blah blah…

  3. You’re not alone. Ever notice that hit counts dip on the weekend? If you’re allowed to surf the net at work, you’ll do it. The danger is falling into the hell of continuous partial attention, where you’re not focused on anything.

    BTW… I do like the new theme, but these comments are a hike to get to.

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