4 thoughts on “Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with. ~Drew Sirtors

  1. 9AM? You’re kidding, right? Since I have been back to work, the coffee regulars have gotten me addicted. Slowly but surely… I started with flavored creamer…switched to unflavored with a bit of sugar…now I’m down to just the sugar…soon it will be all black all the time, and we both know how I love my dark goodness! 🙂 Anyway… as a side note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPARKY!

  2. wow, maria, you are better than i am. I did call, but I posted nothing about Sparkles.

    And I am not kidding. If I don’t go to a gas station, I have to wait to make my own.

    I found a quote I really like:

    “Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee”
    – Stephanie Piro

  3. We’re so bad at work that we had to buy a pot with a timer, so the coffee is ready when we hit the office at 745. LOL!

    I cheated on Sparky’s Birthday. Mausi has it on her blog this morning. 🙂

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