Okay.  Enough people have e-mailed me about this that I think I should come clean.

Boweltown is not the real name of my city.  It’s the rough translation from the German name into English. Darm=Bowel, Stadt=City (poetic license to change it to town)

It’s funny name, Darmstadt.  Darm…  Stadt… Darm.  Stadt…   (Stars… Hollow…  Stars…  Hollow…)

At first I started using darm in place of damn, but it didn’t catch on and people thought there was something seriously wrong with my digestive system.

Then I translated it in conversation for my sister.  We thought it was funny. Another facet of the whole poop culture that I found myself immersed in.  And I needed a code word for where I lived because I was anonymous at that point. Lo and behold it worked with HeisseScheisse.

I’m not so anonymous anymore.  Everyone knows who I am and most know where I live and have seen my sex toys, soo..

Once more for the record.

I live in Darmstadt.  Or my loft is in Darmstadt. Currently, I’m living in Hamburg.  No need to translate that.

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3 thoughts on “Boweltown

  1. Yup, once half the internet knows where you keep your sex toys the gig is up. 🙂 I think it’s hilarious that people e-mailed you about Boweltown. Do you think they tried to Google Earth it and came up empty handed?

  2. I did figure it out pretty soon, knowing it was near Frankfurt…
    But I thought of a few alternatives:




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