Effing Word Problems

Please add 9 and 6.

Now add 15.

In the real world, this is too much math for my liking.

I was the insolent teenager who voiced the words “I’ll never need this in the real world!” because I was going to be an English or Psychology major and there was no way in hell I would ever surround myself with numbers?


Well, I’m sitting here trying to figure out an overhead percentage in order to figure out a pricing model.  If I lost you with the the overhead percentage thing, well, you are not alone.

Oh yeah, and I’m doing it in German.

I need this:  Der Zuschlagsprozentsatz

I am currently lost in a forest of word problems.  And in this case there is no answer in the back of the book to make sure I’m doing my math correctly.

Now, why do I need word problems when all I need is a few different numbers that require simple checkbook math to calculate.  Well, that, my friend is a different problem.

Hamish, where are you when I need you.  Oh yeah, business school, you rat bastard.

Ace, I think I might need you to check my pricing.

Mr. Hilton, my algebra teacher who was also the girls basketball coach and taught algebra in terms of basketball, must be laughing his ass off.

I hate math.


9 thoughts on “Effing Word Problems

  1. As always, I’m here if you need my help. You need only but ask (and supply the details, of course).

  2. i 2nd ace’s comment; i should be able to help you w/ anything that involves figuring out a pricing model. & if i don’t really have the ‘right’ answer, i’ll make up a better one…

  3. do you really need Zuschlagsprozentsatz? — as far as I’m concerned it’s really all just so much Zussamenhanglosigkeit! (God the Krauts RULE when it comes to ridiculous compound nouns beginning with ‘Z’!!!)

  4. “compound noun” noun itself is: “das Zussamengesetzte”; which one has to admire for the sheer audacity of the “…etzte” palindrome @ the end…

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