Making Lemons into lem… Sangria!

So luck might not change anytime soon, but I’m moving on.

After the espresso machine broke, I figured out how to make coffee with a french press.  This might not seem like a big deal, but I have a serious history with seriously bad coffee.  But I took off those training wheels, put on my big girl panties and conquered the french press.

Then I took those same big girl panties off for a photo shoot with Tat last weekend.  A publisher requested that she do some photos using real women and not models for a book thingie.  I am nothing if not real.  A little odd at first, but it was fun and her photos are gorgeous.  I don’t even recognize myself.

I left for Paris right after.  Paris was GORGEOUS. All the poppies were out and the sky was a perfect blue the whole three days I was there.  Not a riot in sight and we traded the tear gas for warm spring breezes.  I ate snails and crepes and quiche and gelato and pretty much everything that sounded good.  We walked all day, everyday and I ended up a couple of kilos lighter.  Not too shabby. By the time I left I could even say merci and au revoir without sounding like a total poseur.

I’m back from Hamburg for good now.  We took the final load from the house on Saturday morning.

Ollie’s stitches are out and he’s walking a bit better. Sparky calls him Three and a Half, I call him Hop-a-long.  He’s getting there, the little guy.  I have to say, he was pretty much a snuggle cat before and now he’s even more snuggly and loving.  It could definitely be worse.

I leave for Barcelona on Wednesday night.  I’m very much looking forward to this trip with my sister.  I plan on tiring her out with Gaudi, Gaudi and more Gaudi.  And the sun and the beach and the Med because redheads love the sun. And the sangria.  And the paella.  Dude.  We had better walk alot.


5 thoughts on “Making Lemons into lem… Sangria!

  1. Have a great time in BCN. I love all the Gaudi things – especially the aquariu house and the park.

  2. Have a good trip to Barcelona! It’s a dream destination for me. Oh, and I love Paris too. It’s good to walk there, because the food is so damned good!

  3. Have a great time in Barcelona, its an amazing city – so much to see and do, you can do plenty of walking and lots of super food.

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