RE: A way cool video about how we perceive sound via sight.

Sparky sends me links all day. Like fifty a day with subject lines that describe it as “Way Cool” or “Awesome”. His interests vary. He’s one of those people who reads everything and follows every link which bring him more links and before he knows it, five hours have gone by and he is familiar with Henry V and the Tudors and somehow linked into anabolic steroids and the WWII Pacific Front and all the war heroes and villains. His mind is a sponge.

Now, confessing that I’m obviously not the best wife in the world, I don’t always get around to opening these links. I don’t know what they are and in many cases, I just don’t care that there is new steroid that they’ve had to make into an injectable pill (to be injected into the ear flesh of cattle) because body builders were abusing it. Chances are I’ll hear about this at the next vet appointment where Sparky ALWAYS discusses animal steroids for human use as he eyes the locked medicine cabinet. Thank god we don’t have a horse or a cow or i think our vet would refer us elsewhere.

When I worked at the bank, I got a ton of NSFW links from my dear Sparky. Having to explain to my boss that “I don’t hate fags and I only went to that horrible site because I clicked on a link that my boyfriend sent. I’m so sorry” and having my gay co-worker back me up with a “Really, she’s a total fag hag” made an impression on me. I’m not so quick to click.

However, today, he sent me a way cool video about how we perceive sound via sight. It only took me five minutes of asking him what it is before he explained it to me.

J: What is it?

S: It takes 60 seconds.

J: Okay, but what is it?

S: It’s way cool.

J: Yes, okay, BUT WHAT IS IT?

S: Don’t get mad, its just a cool link.

Anyway, it is way cool, totally SFW and worth the effort.

Thanks, Sparks.


7 thoughts on “RE: A way cool video about how we perceive sound via sight.

  1. Hmmmm.. What does it mean if you do not hear anything different?

    I guess it’s just another confirmation of my “different-ness”.

    But do you know what’s realy cool? The new header pic!

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