Toilet Bowls You Could Drink Out Of

Sparky asked what was going on.  I flew past him, well not exactly “flew” since I over did it at the gym and can barely lift my feet.  I was moving at a semi accelerated pace with chemicals in hand. I figured it was pretty obvious.

I needed to de-scale the toilet. Let me just say, my toilets have never been so clean. The water is so sparkling, the white so white… Sparky could drink out of it. Someone should and it sure as hell is not going to be me. I cleaned it. I guess the cats could if Sparky’s not up for it. But after that cleaning job, drinking is the only thing those toilets are good for now.

So, other than that the window of hard core chemical use is  hopefully coming to a close shortly, I realized that this is the first time I have been home, in my house, for more than two consecutive weeks in a row since last August. August 2007.

That’s a long freakin’ time. There was a serious dust buildup on the kick boards, let me tell you.

Then there might have been the little matter of losing my wedding ring and searching the house from top to bottom to find it.  I have no idea when I lost it. Perhaps it was Hamburg, perhaps it was Paris. Didn’t have it in Barcelona, that’s fur shur.

I have distinct memory of picking it up and putting it into something safe and reminding myself that I was doing that in Hamburg.

Then I forgot.

I’ve looked for it for almost a month before I told Sparky. Told, hell, I had to confess, drawing it our like taffy, every word killing me. It was awful. After the bracelet and everything else I’ve broken lately. To make it worse, he was really nice about it, the jerk. He wasn’t mad or anything. Usually he’s really uptight about things like that, but he wasn’t and it made me feel horrible. I hate it when he’s magnanimous.

Then I found it. The very next day. No where near anything I could have stuck it in and reminded myself about. If only I had waited one more day. ONE MORE DAY and I wouldn’t have had to tell him anything. Now he has one on me. You know what I’m talking about. It shifts the balance of power and let me tell you, the whole world topples a bit when he’s in the power seat.  I’ll just have to look harder for him to do something wrong.


4 thoughts on “Toilet Bowls You Could Drink Out Of

  1. LOL! At first I read “topless a bit” like you’re walking around topless. Glad you found the ring, and maybe fessing up aligned some strange planets and allowed for you to find it?

  2. Oh you know the Goddess would’nt have let you find it without the confession. She’s a bitch that way.

  3. I’m always putting things in ‘safe places’ so safe I can’t find them anymore. When I go looking for it I have to ask myself in the third person, ‘now where would you put this you absent minded bitch?’. Usually I do eventually find it. I’m too scared to look for the 150 euro gift certificate I got last year though. I’m terrified it really is lost. Better not to know. I’m sure it’s somewhere safe. 🙂

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