Happy Birthday, Little Sister

Today is Miss Miranda’s 21st birthday.

She’s in Barcelona with her dad and on her way to tour Scandinavia. The beast will collect six more countries and lead in our country count game. Therefore she forfeits a birthday present.

Mim will be here in Krautland in July and she and I will celebrate then, but since I’m no longer drinking and obviously not smoking, She’ll have to wait until she’s back in the states and get her drunk on with Jeff.

Just kidding.

Mim is the good kid in the family. She’s not all that interested in the alcohol part of her birthday. She’s more interested in the computer she got or the crumpler bag I’ve promised her.

I was drinking champagne and doing lines of coke at 9 am for my 21st. Jeff? I seem to recall bringing half a liquor store to his place on his 21st.

Jeff and I are kind of afraid of taking her out to bars now because she’ll actually see how “not good” in the conventional way he and I are. Oh, we are good friends with the bartenders and I have made some “good” friends and occasionally we are catagorized as “good fun!”, but we do tend to get into trouble. That will be an interesting night.

So here’s to you little sister. I love you and am so proud of the person you have become. Have a great day with your dad and know you are the most loved little sister in the world.


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