Reason 4,800,670 why I love San Francisco

There is movement to change the name of the sewage plant from The Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to The George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Seriously, you have to love the Bay Area. I’m not registered in San Francisco or I would so vote for this and give money to change the sign. Well worth it.

In other news around Heisse Scheisse Central, not much is going on. I spent a day on the Martha Stewart website. Then I spent three more days feeling completely inadequate. I simply do not have enough storage space to store ribbon tied guest towels. And really, do any of you have guest rooms set up like this?

Miranda is coming to stay next week and if there is anyone who would appreciate ribbon tied guest towels, it’s Mim. Maybe I could leave her bundle on her blow-up mattress in the guest room that doesn’t have an actual door.

On a more positive note, I did my 2008 treasure map last week with Tatiana.

After reviewing last year’s map, I accomplished all my goals save lose 50 more pounds. I only lost 20, but hey, I’m not complaining especially since I have quit smoking. Yeah, I know. The things i give up to have a kid. Let me tell you, I had better get pregnant soon, because I have a list as long as my arm as to what I’ve had to do for a kid and I have every intention of using said list as the kid grows up. “I gave up cigarettes, for you. Don’t you think you could put your clothes away?” If he doesn’t want me adding to it, he had better make an appearance soon.


6 thoughts on “Reason 4,800,670 why I love San Francisco

  1. O…M…G!!!

    Our guest room IS set up like this…except for the ribbon-tied towels, that is.

    Oh, and kudos for quitting smoking AND losing 20 lbs!

  2. Martha Stewart’s husband left her and for a long time her daughter couldn’t stand her. (She seems to have latched back onto her now for the money). And I bet if you were IN her fabulous guest rooms you’d be afraid to breathe, let alone sleep in the bed.

    She is evil, evil, evil. Anyone who makes people believe that ribbon tied towels are essential, let alone necessary is making people feel inadequate. And it makes her oodles of money.

    Maybe they should name that sewage plant after her…..

    And the smoking and the 20 pounds are just the tip of the iceberg, cookie. Once the kid is here, prepare to give up most of your sanity as well 🙂

  3. Our guestroom, believe it or not: crappy fold out couch, cross trainer, bench press thingie with weights, Wii console, TV, Pokemon cards all over floor, buckets o’ Lego, closets full of towels (NO ribbons), sheets, sleeping bags and gift wrap. No room for guests.

    I love Martha, but only from a safe distance.

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