Five Years and Counting

Happy Fourth of July.

I’ve officially been in Krautland for five years.  Yay.  Can you feel my excitement?

Jeff called this morning to wish Mim and I a Happy Fourth.  He asked me how I felt being in a country not celebrating my independence and all I could think about was how appropriate that question was.  I really do want to move back to SF.  I miss my family. I miss my dad.  I miss my hair guy.

In other news, Mim flew in last night.  I was so concerned in making the red room into a perfect guest room I forgot to check which airline she was flying in on.  A brilliant move on my part.  Didn’t even occur to me until Sparky asked which terminal as we entered the airport round-abouts.  Good thing she had a cell phone.

She and I are celebrating by doing ab-so-lute-ly nothing all day.  When Sparky gets home, he and I are going to a concert and that should be very nice.  He got us great seats.  I might just wear a mini-skirt for the guy.

Mim will skip the concert and play with the cats, watch TV and do laundry.  It only takes four hours a load so she should be done by tomorrow.

Have a good one, American Expats.  Remember the times when America was great.  We’ve only had Bush in office for 8 years.  That doesn’t erase all the good stuff.  We just celebrated the Berlin Airlift and that was goddamned brilliant and awesome and really, so American.


3 thoughts on “Five Years and Counting

  1. Um, if it makes you feel any better, my town doesn’t have fireworks or any kind of independence day celebration. We have a month-long celebration of Cinco de Mayo, but no July 4th celebration.

    I’m celebrating anyway! And you should too! Hope you have a good one!

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