Angel Baby

So I wore the mini to the concert, Big Finn.  You were right, he was most appreciative, especially since it was accompanied by a pair of high heels.   The concert was fabu, great seats and an overall wonderful night.

Fast forward to Saturday.  Sparky left for Koeln and Angel Baby was dropped off.

Can I just say that there were no tears at drop off?  I have never felt so complemented.

Angel is doing what she always does with me. She is being absolutely perfect. She listens to me, she talks to me, she sits when she’s eating and she goes to bed without a whole lot of crying, just enough to let me know she hasn’t been brain damaged by spinning she loves so much.

I really don’t know what all this fuss is about.  Kids are a breeze.

Then Sparky called at 1 am from a strip club to let me know he was not knee deep in stripper juice.  Sleeping, key word here – SLEEPING, on the sofa so Angel Baby could go to bed at 8:30, I had to run around the house, half asleep looking for the phone before it woke AB.

I failed.

She woke up.  Angel Baby took 30 more minutes to go to sleep.  Then Olli came in to check her out and purred.  I’m not sure if it was the motor boat decibel level of his purring or the licking of her forehead, but it woke her up again.  Another 30 minutes.

Let’s just say I was a leetle cranky with the Sparkster.

I woke up this morning and gave Sparky a call, just to remind him how much I love him and miss him and hoped he had a good time and as the supportive wife that i am, hoped he had gotten a lap dance and really enjoyed himself.

Well, hmmm.  I guess he was asleep at the time so i left a voice mail.  Oh and i must have forgotten that if he doesn’t pick up and I leave a voice mail, his cell phone rings and rings and rings until the message is picked up.


I am so freakin’ tired.  This kid might be an angel, but she requires non-stop attention. Getting her to eat at the table is a long process of showing her food, but not letting her have it unless she sits on the three books I’ve stacked so she can be at a normal height.  And the bath?  You would have thought i was pulling each one of her toes off and then starting on her fingers and let me tell you marble was a really bad choice simply for the acoustic properties alone.

I can’t wait until Tat comes to pick her up because I want a nap.  I love her dearly and she is such a sweet babe, but man, she has worn me out.


4 thoughts on “Angel Baby

  1. Don’t worry, when they are your kids you get to gradually work your way up to things from infancy to teen. When they are a new baby – they nap a lot, So you in turn nap a lot 🙂
    It’s a nice trade off. I’m glad you had fun.

  2. LOL! Sparky deserves the constant ringing. No one in their right mind calls a person caring for a toddler at 1am. Seriously. No one not in their right mind does it either! 🙂

  3. When you have a crumb of your own, it will be far from easy.

    It might be easy, being a part time mum, but raising a crumb of your own is different than anything else, different than helping with a sis or a prat, and far from Angle Baby.

    When you become a full time mum, oh shit! The crumb will not listen ot you, the cats will loose their hair, naps will be a memory, forget eating greens, and Barny will become your best friend.

  4. Can you hear me giggling all the way across the Atlantic?

    That grin she gives you that makes you putty is small potatoes compared to what your own kid smiling at you will do. It (almost) makes you forgive them all the times when you wanted to drop them in the volcano 🙂

    Oh and, Craig?

    My cats have all their fur because either I kept the kids from pulling it, or the cats let the kids know (gently but in NO uncertain terms) that their fur was NOT for pulling, I still eat my greens and I still hate, hate, HATE Barney–which mysteriously somehow never came onto our TV….

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