Dude. I’m sick and feverish and not wanting to do more than bury my head in the pillows and Ollie keeps hiding grapes in my bed.  I only find them when they squish. Today its grapes.  Sometimes it’s plants or leaves or cherries or q-tips or bugs, but only the big big bugs because he eats the little ones right away.

I know he’s hidden something when he starts digging at the blankets.   His digging drives me nuts because I’m totally waiting for the punchline.

Why am I bothering to write this if I am so sick I want nothing more than to curl up with Gilmore Girls on in the background so I can sleep?

Because the little fucker wanted to cuddle too.

On the remote control.

The volume went up and up and up.  Once ear splitting level was reached, Fuzz Butt freaked out and using my head as a launch pad, flew off the bed.  Problem is that his paws are so fuzzy, he doesn’t have a whole lot of traction/brake power.  He totally face planted into the wall.


I love cats.


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