He’s an expert.

Friday afternoon, Sparky was interviewed by ZDF for the Heute program as an expert in his field.  I’m very proud of him.  I think it’ll be on sometime this week.  I was put in as a background person and hopefully that part will be cut as I was not prepared for such a thing.  I won’t go into the part where I totally embarrassed myself by having a feminine problem all over my gorgeous linen pants, walking around in front of the journalist, film crew and Darmstadt and not having a clue nor having a husband that might have let me know such things.  Humiliating experience number 1,236,947.

In other somewhat obvious news, still not pregnant.  I was going to skip a month and take off for California in August until I checked the airfares.  Let’s just say i can pay for the fertility drugs AND a first year of diapers and still have cash left for a new pair of shoes with the money not spent in going to Cali this summer.

I usually pay anywhere from $750-950, round trip, non-stop.  Uh, yeah.  Has anyone heard of a gas price thing because my tickets went up to $3400 round trip with a layover in either Philly or DC or Atlanta. I am so not doing that. Not the price nor a layover in the US anywhere but Los Angeles because I have to go through customs and re-check my baggage when I touch down stateside and I would rather change in the EU and let them do it.

I miss my family terribly, but I can’t justify the cost.

So we’re purchasing our tickets now for Christmas.  They are mildly better, but if I have to sell my blood to get to California in December, I will do it.

So given that I’m not flying to Cali, I’m doing the drugs again.  I’ve kinda gotten hooked on giving myself daily injections.  I can play out my junkie fantasy except I’m not 94 pounds and I have all my teeth. And even though there have been times I have sworn to give up my eye teeth to be 94 pounds, I wasn’t serious. I like my teeth.

Dude, is it hot and humid where you are?  The cats are laid out on the bathroom floor as if they’d been shot.  I think they’ve got the right idea.


9 thoughts on “He’s an expert.

  1. yeah, it was one of those moments. on the other hand, at least not knowing until i was home prevented me from the stress of having to get home in said state. i really have no idea how i would have walked through darmstadt knowing the problem. Instead, I walked in peace and then got home where i promptly died.

  2. Hot and humid. That’s Oklahoma. Head index brings it up to 110 for the past couple of days and will probably continue until it rains. Oh, that’s F not C.

    I cried a bit for you re: the linen pants.

    And the title made me think you might say he’s a “stud” not some professional thing. Of course, one could argue that a “stud” could be a profession… in the porn world anyway.

    I miss you … this winter, I will go to Europe, and I probably will have to take a trip to Germany if I can help it. I’ve been in the US too long!

  3. I paid almost $700 a month or so ago to fly from Denver to Tulsa. Yes, that is about an hour-long flight. And it was a bereavement fare. Bereavement my ass – the price made me feel almost as sad as the funeral. And, yes, it is hot and humid in Denver. We are going to break some kind of record on Thursday if this keeps up regarding number of days in a row it has been above 90 degrees.

  4. And Cali misses you too.

    Classic SF July weather (Mark Twain version)

    Today: Decreasing cloudiness. High 56F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.
    Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 51F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

    Tomorrow: Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. High 59F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph.

  5. wow, that’s a heck of an airfare increase! Hope you find a better deal for the end of the year.

    Congrats, Sparkster!

  6. Maria- I have a room waiting for you and yours if you come this way. I think about you all the time.

    Karitag – that is awful. 700 in country is ridiculous.

    Ace – yeah. me too. and thanks for the weather update. that did a lot to help with the homesickness. how’s Penny?

    J – it’s been too long. we have to get together soon.

  7. We paid $1100 per person for July flights to NYC (layover in DETROIT, ugh!). Let me tell you, travelling a full 24 hours sucks, but we survived it. My parents and my sister got good deals in May and September, though ($570-something).

    Let me just say, I feel some of your pain. Will you let us know when the segment airs if we promise not to look for you in the background 🙂 ?

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