So, its hotter than… what?  Hell? Texas?  A Michigan summer?  I don’t know, it’s just really freakin’ hot.

I just tried to pour myself some refreshing crystal light.  Let’s just say it’s heavy on the crystal.  Everything in the fridge is frozen.  Everything.

Why?  Because of a little thing called marriage.

Sparky and I have vastly different ideas on how cold a refrigerator is supposed to be kept.  For me it’s more about how cold food should be kept and for him, well, its just not how his mother does it eco-friendly.

I have had food poisoning on several occasions, one of which required me to take a bus home from work and walking past a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (there was one in Oakland for a while). While delish as hangover food, it is very bad for food poisoning.  This made quite an impression.  I keep my food very cold.

Sparky on the other hand, has a stomach of steel or asbestos or something completely impervious to illness.  He doesn’t care.  He leaves meat out in the sun for two days then eats it.  He might belch after, but frankly, he says, the maggots added a certain flair.

I noticed the other day the fridge was having a problem keeping things cool.  I did what anyone would do, I turned it up, meaning cooler.  What I didn’t know was to be more like his mother eco-friendly, Sparky had turned it down, meaning he made it warmer.

It took a few days, but now I have frozen veggies…  in my fridge.  I have frozen mayo.  I have frozen salad and milk and lunch meat.  My jam is frozen. So is the yogurt.  The Cheddar cheese and Monterrey jack?  Yep, frozen.  My bell peppers could function as bells.  The romanesco that I snatched from an old lady’s hand at 7 am at the weekend market is frozen.

I don’t know, is all that food still good?  How’s that for eco-friendly, Sparks.  I’m going to have to replace all those bottles that cracked because you’re on crack and can’t leave well enough alone.

Next topic:  Lights –  Sparky was raised as a mole child. I was allowed to see my food when I ate.  Conflict ensues.


6 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. I’ve also a problem with my in-laws and leaving food out, often overnight. I’m frequently ill when at their house, and about half of it is from the MSG (now, hopefully, no longer in food I will be eating). I understand that German fridges are mini, but I still think that organic products need to be refrigerated (I can allow you diet Coke to be left out, although I want it chilled).My food safety handling certification agrees with the two of us.
    Also, what is up with these fridges that have water running down the back and freezing? In the States I once has a 40 yr old fridge (college town) and even when it needed new freon it wasn’t that bad!

  2. tsss, you americans [californians ?] and your need for cold and ice. C is the same way. drinks can’t be cold enough. if he could, i’m sure he would put ice cubes in ice cream… lucky for him, he doesn’t mess with the fridge-temp 🙂

    most of the things that should never be frozen won’t be any good once de-frosted. bell peppers? not good after being frozen. same for salad (and milk i’d say) the rest you could probably still eat. i guess. ?

  3. From what I know some of the veggies will be ok after having been frozen, but only in a soup, stew or spaghetti. Cheese, blech, don’t try it. My grandmother likes to freeze everything if she thinks it’s going to go bad. I can say from experience that anything remotely dairy is to be tossed for sure. Tell Sparky that surely if he’s been intereviewed as an expert he can afford to keep the fridge a little less eco-friendly (I’m shooting blanks when it comes to the mother aspect of that one though)

  4. The food should be fine, but the texture will probably not be very appetizing!
    You CAN freeze cheese. I keep my shredded cheeses in the freezer for using in cooking, though I don’t think block cheese does well after thawing…

    I know what you mean about the cast iron stomach. The Man is not sensitive but I am and I don’t feel like cleaning up after the girls either!
    Unfortunately he was brought up in a house where you didn’t waste food, so he hates to toss stuff unless he can SEE that it’s spoiled. So I toss a lot of stuff when he isn’t around to see me doing it 🙂

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