4th Annual WEBMU

Okay, I’ve got some stuff goin’ on over here in Boweltown, so I’ll make this short.

4th Anuual Whiney Expat Blogger Meet-Up

September 27-28, 2008  – Bremen

If you live in Germany, you really ought to go to this next meet-up. I’ve been to two, including the first and thus I am a charter member. It has always been a blast, even the year I could not stop putting my foot in my mouth.   Sparky and I are heading up to Bremen this year unless reproductive issues keep us here (I have an appointment with some very interesting equipment and let’s just say if I get pregnant soon, it will not be because I had dirty sex unless you have a medical fetish and then it is extremely dirty).

Why should you go?

1.  It is so much fun.  It’s kind of a little island of your own culture in the middle of this vast sea of Kraut.  It’s nice to have conversations with people who understand cultural references without having to explain.

2. Meet new/old friends.  Seriously, I have yet to meet an expat who doesn’t fall into a hole of routine.  It’s comfortable, that routine, but sometimes it gets a little old.  And having been in a routine, it’s sometimes scary to leave it to meet people you’ve only met via blogs or forums.  Well, let me tell you, the learning curve is about 30 seconds before everything is really comfortable and lovely.

3.  See a new city?  This isn’t such a draw for me as I’d prefer to sit at a cafe, drink coffee and say inappropriate things as I get to know new people.

  • If you are feeling shy just know we all feel shy.  I put on good face, but I’m actually really shy.  Unless there is red wine.  Then I’m not so shy at all.
  • You don’t have to be an expat nor a blogger to attend.  We don’t discriminate.

So, e-mail me with any questions.  This week is a good time to do this as I have promised myself to return all e-mails I’ve neglected over the last 3 months before my birthday so that I can start my 36th year clean of all prior commitments and procrastinations.

Otherwise, see you in Bremen.  Seriously, get your butt to Bremen.


9 thoughts on “4th Annual WEBMU

  1. Headbanger – Septemeber 27-28. I would love to meet you in the flesh. please come. if not, we’ll have to arrange something here in the southlands.

  2. I am really looking forward to it! I am supposed to help someone move, but I think I can make the German do that!

  3. Wow… I would love to be there but no guarantees.
    That is the weekend of the Berlin Marathon and someone I love will be participating… um… it is hard to leave town then.
    We’ll see.

  4. Uh, Claire, you had better be there or i will hunt you down. It’s in your part of the world for crying out loud!!

    Maria – I would do just about anything to get you here. I think about you all the time and just want to sit and chat for about a day. Bring the family, well as long as ginger is included. I’m not supposed to make jokes about baby stealing per the GBF, but what about dog stealing? Is that okay?

    Snooker – If i were running a marathon and everyone i loved wasn’t there to watch me, i’d be pissed. then I’d hunt them down and as i ran a marathon, chances are i could catch ’em. Good luck to your lovie.

  5. Will definitly be there!! We are dropping off Christopher with his grandparents in the morning where he will spend the day and night. The German is going to help his friends move and I get to spend all day with my blogger buddies!!! The German is going to pick me up in the evening and then we will bring Christopher to breakfast on Sunday morning.

    When are you coming in? Saturday or Sunday? If you came Friday, then you and Sparky could come to Wildeshausen for dinner. Just a suggestion!

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