Name Power or Lack Thereof

Dude, I had no idea that I needed this. Thank god I found this website. I mean really, Jennifer is such a common name. It pulls at my energy levels and is really the root of my laziness and unhappiness. Oh, my wretched parents, stealing my name from my aunt who was pregnant at the same time, but due three months later than my mom.  My mother and her sisters always stole everything from each other so why would baby names be any different, right?

My contrary husband sent me THIS link when i went off about how the woman above is milking people out of their money.

Its a boring day.

Something is going on with my sniffer.

I woke up to gamey man scent with a peculiar top note of pear.  It was so strong it woke me up.  And it’s not Sparky.  That was my first thought, but he smells like soap and deodorant.  Then at the gym, the showers smelled like chlorine with a bit of sweaty balls. The parking ticket area smelled like cafeteria school lunches. Weird.

Ollie is following me around as if I smell of cat treats, which, after my shower at the sweaty ball gym, I most decidedly do not. I smell like cinnamon buns! The problem with that body wash is that I really, really want a cinnamon bun after I use it.  Every. Single. Time.


6 thoughts on “Name Power or Lack Thereof

  1. Um, you’re not pregnant are you?! The intense smell thing is something I have heard a lot of my friends mention before they even knew they were, only to find out a few weeks later…just a thought.

  2. My first thought when I read your post was, “Damn, I wonder if she’s pregnant.” Guess I’m not the only one who thought so. Oh, and in those few weeks before I knew I remember thinking it was so odd because I was tired, and I mean I-just-slept-for-11-hours-what’s-wrong-with-me tired.

  3. Your name sucks, mine was pretty good. Did you check out the author’s name? hers was nearly perfect. shock

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